Take up your Bed and Walk

Over the years as I have walked the Christian walk, at times some good, others not so good Christ has always been walking with me hand in hand.  During this time the Lord has been gracious in that I have written and preached many sermons and composed over 700 blogs.  One aspect of this process that I have gleaned is simply that, I must expect the Holy Spirit to show me the theme and the words to write.  If not, the finished article becomes my thoughts delivered in the power of the flesh.

As I was asking the Lord for the next blog I heard distinctly these words; - ‘Take up your bed and walk’.  I straightway turned to the synoptics expecting an exegetical piece but was clearly turned away and stopped.  I then perceived that the blog was  to the prophetic word.  Here is what I heard as I waited on the explanation from Jesus.

Many of my believers are sleep walking through their discipleship; they appear to be awake to the times and seasons of scripture and the word of God but in reality, they are asleep.  The hand of God as he demonstrates his grace and power float over their heads barely causing a ripple in their personal spiritual atmosphere.  These believers who call me their Lord and Saviour are asleep on my bed says the Lord.

My bed that they are slumbering on says the Lord are my blessings, and promises that rightfully belong to them for they are co-heirs with Christ.  What belongs to Jesus belongs to his redeemed and all the promises of the Torah are ours through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice.  Yet you are sleeping on them says the Lord.  My blessing and promises are there for each saint to activate.  I did not sacrifice my life and pour out my blood says the Lord for my redeemed for them to sleep on my gifts.  Shame on you.

Wake up for the night is almost upon us .  Take up my promises and blessing and walk into your calling and destiny.  I have been calling to you for some time; yet you have slumbered on and on.  Listen to me says the Holy Spirit for I will not strive with you for ever.  Arise take up your bed and walk to me.  Take up my blessings that I have bleed for you.  Take up my promises that I have suffered in my body for you.

Walk and then run to me says the Lord.  Run, run, run with me says the Holy Spirit for there is much to accomplished as the harvest is ripe and the watchers are few.  Take up my blessings and promises which I have declared belong to you for I have written your name on them.  They are yours to take up and hold and run with.  Run into your calling.  Run into your assignment.  Run into your alignment.  Run into my arms says the Lord.  Take up my bed of blessings and walk into your home reserved for you in heaven.

Linda Olsen @nddreamer ·

Who believes that they are worthy of this. I will continue to pray for the lost. I want nothing but I want everything. Without all, what's the point?

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Amen and amen!

Deepa N @deepaanne ·