The Anguish of Gods Heart.

Last night God opened up his heart to me for a brief moment and I was overwhelmed with His anguish as I wept with a painful heart. I felt like an OT prophet as Gods insight was too much for me to bear.

Oh, my anguish, my anguish!I writhe in pain.Oh, the agony of my heart! My heart poundswithin me, I cannot keep silent.For I have heard the sound of the trumpet;I have heard the battle cry. Jer 4 19

In these last days says the Lord there will be a gigantic battle for the minds of Christians and to day the trumpet has called Gods army together to be ready for the battle. But Gods heart is broken for he sees that the 'called out ones' are not ready for they have not put on the armour of God.

God's leaders have failed him for we do not care about Jerusalem, the New Jerusalem the church that is so cold and powerless in today's world. Why have we let ourselves grow cold and the church of God to be so worldly? It breaks Gods heart to see a lack of reverence from his people for they have turned their backs on the things of holiness and they treat his house as a house of entertainment. The world has come into the church and taken seat in the house of God so that no longer do my people worship me. My heart is in anguish as I see the desire of my people to be entertained and to be told that all will be with their soul.

My heart is in anguish. Why are we not being crushed by the bankruptcy of today's church? We should be on our knees writhing in agony that no one fears God anymore. We should be lying on the floor in heart felt pain as we intercede and share the anguish of God over the state of his church. God is calling those who have ears to hear to be identified with Gods agony over his church. We must be rid of self interest and become identified with Gods mind, thoughts and concerns.

Where are the people of God who share this anguish of God himself? Where are the believers who are grief stricken when they see the powerlessness of the church? Do we not care that Gods people who have been won from the jaws of death are so lukewarm, for the battle that is about to commence?

Return to me says the Lord and do away with your desire to be entertained and have you ears tickled with things of the flesh. Seek my face while it is still day time and repent of your stubbornness to be successful, for only those believers who are hidden in Christ will stand in that wicked day when the evil will sweep over the land as the tsunami waters sweep up a beach.

Stand firm my people on put on the armour of Christ that I have supplied you with. Weep and mourn for my church that they may rise up and stand firm on the Cross of my Son, for this battle will show no mercy to those who are not hid in Christ.

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