The Ark of the Covenant is Returned

As I was praying to other day the Holy Spirit directed me to 2 Chronicles 5 where I read of the Ark being

restored into the temple that Solomon had built.  As I was reading through this and meditating on the meaning of this passage I heard the Lord say:-

Now is the opportune time for me to restore the fortunes of the House of Judah and David for I am bringing my glory back into the temples that have been restored.  Once more the glory of the Lord will dwell in my temples says the Lord.  No longer will my people will say that there is no glory in my beloved, for I am moving to restore the ark back into the temples that have been rebuild.

Lift up your hands and lift up your hearts in repentance for now is the time to receive my former glory that your forefathers knew.  But this time the weight of my glory will cause the earth to melt for the very land and rocks will cry out in thanksgiving.  For the earth has been waiting and groaning for the sons and daughters to be revealed.

Rend your hearts and put on your priestly garments lift your hands in praise, build your alters and prepare your sacrifices for the ark of the covenant with my glory is on its way.  The time of building is over and the time for my glory to inhabit my temple is here. To those who hear my word, the weight of my glory will be upon them; visible to all.

As I reflected on this word and during my ‘rightly dividing’ 2 Chronicles 5 under the guidance of the Holy Spirit I mined these truths.

It is intend a ‘Kairos’ moment for April 6 was the beginning of Nisan, a new beginning of the ecclesial Jewish year.  The first month of spring, which is also called the month of flowers, miracles and redemption.  Nisan is also associated with the tribe of Judah, which means ‘giving thanks.’  So indeed, this time is a new beginning of redemption and miracles for those who believe and adopt the word spoken to them.  I love it in the way God ties all loose threads into one.

To those who have been through a winter of building; the pain, suffering and anguish has a purpose – your temple has been build to once more house the glory of the Father.  Your winter has not been in vain.  Lift up your heads with joy for the gory of the Lord will come in.

To build the ark and prepare sacrifices is to dissolve ourselves of any yeast of unrighteousness placing/surrendering ourselves on the alter, as one who does not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.  The body of Christ needs a fresh awareness of the meaning of ‘denial of self.’  It is not something that one does during Lent!  Such denial is an abomination to the Lord.

To place the priestly garments around ones shoulders is to pick up the priestly mantel of intercession.  The Body of Christ needs to once again make time for the intercession of the saints.  True intercessory prayers are born in the heart of Jesus who lives in us; and we take these ‘Christ prayers’ and pray them back to the Father.  These are the only prayers recognized by God as worthy of a reply.

In the above passage the Ark was brought into the house of God with praise, worship and thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving, praise and worship are powerful keys that unlock the heart of the Father to release his blessings upon us.  The church needs to wake up and realize that much of its hymns and songs of worship are not acceptable to God; for they focus too much on mankind’s servant work and less on God, his attributes and character.  Where our focus in worship is; there will be our heart.

My prayer is that we and the body of Christ will be ready for the return of the ark so that once more the glory of the Lord will be seen over the church, visible to all.

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