The Bagel and the Enemy

This word has been on my heart for some time, but the enemy has done his best to stop me writing this.  It has been a struggle to banish the doubts and the stupidly of this word, which will become apparent as we proceed.

I have had ongoing medical issue for the past 20 years that in the medical world it would be; ‘you need to learn to live with it.’  I have found that gluten complicates the condition, hence I try to stay away from all gluten products.

Last week one of my help-desk team agents who is training to be a pastry chef brought in a bagel she had made especially for me as a gift.  Not wanting to offend and to be seen as gracious, I accepted.  The baking sat in my lunch box for some days until I thought; I must at least try the bagel, that’s the least I can do after all she went to that effort.

Well the next day my medical condition had  suddenly risen its head and I was suffering.  So much so that I knew I was under enemy attack.  As I went into battle, I heard the Lord say, “You accepted the gift.”  Straight away I knew that the enemy had breached my wall.  After a days battle the symptoms lifted, as suddenly and quickly as they arrived.

I have no medical of scientific knowledge that correlates to gluten causing such a flare up, but I know in my spirit that the Lord joined the dots for me.  I know without a shadow of doubt that the enemy came in the back door that I foolishly opened.

What can we make of this?  Putting on my teaching hat and with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit we need to beware of people bearing gifts in this season.  The enemy will use any means and tactics to breech our defences.  He is not only a roaring lion, but a snake hidden in the grass.  He is not only ‘bold as brass’ but cunning, sneaky and under-handed.

We need to be extra vigilant during this season, particularly as the enemy will use who-ever and what-ever to attack us; there are no ‘Queensbury rules’ in this battle.  The devil does not fight fair. 

We also need to realize that what we in the world call common, or OK, or good, or righteous may not be seen by God in the same vein.  The world will laugh at a bagel being used in the above manner resulting in the outcome that I experienced.  I was reminded that Gods ways are not our ways and his thoughts are not our thoughts.  Therefore, we need to be humble and astute enough to admit we are often wrong in our world view.

We need to recommit ourselves to a further attitude of our minds being renewed.  This is an on-going 24/7 happening.  We should never stray too far from the alter.  We should never cease from praying in our heavenly language.  We should always have our ears; eyes and all our senses open before the Lord Almighty continually.

I thank the Lord for his wisdom and strength that has enabled me to give the devil a blood nose and a poke in the eye, not once, but twice in the last few days.

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