The Choice of our Speech

I am sure that we all know the power of our words and comments that we direct to others can either bless or curse them ~ to use biblical terminology.  Our words have long lasting effects on others, either being positive encouragement bringing pleasure, or negative and a millstone around that person’s neck.  This is true in the spiritual realm as well as the secular, for one can read many articles entitled ‘mind power’ and ‘visualization’ along with the classic; ‘The power of positive thinking.’

How many times have we witnessed the sad story of parents who continually told their child that they would not amount to much and teachers who often would put certain children down, as being not ‘bright enough.’  As these children grow into adults they have been crippled emotionally and to a certain degree spiritually.  Many exhibit mental disorders that become giants in their minds crushing the life force out of them.

It is not surprising that words are mightier than the sword for we, who have been formed in the image of God have inherited this power in our language.  Since the world and the heavens were brought into existence by a word, so to our words can bring life and death to others.

The tongue has the power of life and death,   Proverbs 10:21

James speaks of our words as having the ability to set a huge forest on fire, for the tongue is likened to a flame that no man can tame.  We need to be so careful with the choice of our words in our conversations.  The scriptures caution us of this in our manner of speaking and choice of words:  only things that are pure, holy and having a good report must pass our lips.

Jesus in Matthew 12 cautions us that every word that we speak we will be brought forth at the day of judgement and we will have to give an account of ourselves and the choice of words used.  All the corrupt speech that has come forth from our mouths will be played back to us amidst our embarrassment and tears of sorrow.  How can a believer endure such agony and torture knowing that we have let ourselves down and caused our Father to grieve?

Set a guard over my mouth, LORD; keep watch over the door of my lips.  Psalm 141:3

This has to be one of our most important prayers, coupled with an intense desire to press more into the heart of the Father with the result that more of Christ speech is our speech.  O how much does the world need to hear Gods speech from our lips, for I tell you the nations are thirsty for the living waters that should flow from our innermost being in the form of words: words of hope, life, encouragement, salvation, victory and Christ himself?

We are in the season of transition as God is aligning the Nations according to his plan with all the upheaval and displacement that this brings.  God is counting on you and me, his believers to be the voice of hope in the clash of the swords that echoes across the nations.  The Lord says that we are to go up to the nations and speak to them of the Lords goodness and grace, no more negative conversations of disasters and judgement.  It is time to speak into the hatred, fear and disillusionment words of love, peace hope and grace.

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 John Knox
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Les Braswell (@doneuntotheleast)

Thank you for this blog and amen. "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words may never hurt me," was a rhyme taught as a child. Knew how untrue it was even then with a blow leaving pain for while. Words however damage for years until forgiveness, healing from God the correction of falsehoods by the Holy Spirit.

Blessings to you wmj in Christ,

Joyce Bethy Ferguson (@bethy)

so so true.

Deepa N (@deepaanne)


K Reynolds (@kreynolds)

This is so true. Reading it though, I also thought about the flip side. In addition to using our words carefully, we need to also need to recognize the need to fortify ourselves against harmful words that others direct either intentionally or unintentionally against us. There is also something else. The enemy is adept at twisting words and playing with our feelings to the point that we will read something into words and actions that was never there. This is why we must ask God to protect our mind and heart as well as our lips.