The day of the Lord and his Sabbath Rest

This blog was a real struggle as there was no clear direction from ther Lord other than to sit down and write – the following is the result. May you be blessed as you read my offering from Him.

There is coming a day when the voice of God will not contend with mankind for on that day will be the 'day of the Lord.' On that day the voice of God will be heard over all the earth sharper than a two edged sword cutting right to our egos, self righteous thoughts and our rights. Great will be the groaning and wailing on that great and terrible day of the Lord for no one will be able to stand up-right.

O my people may we enter into the Sabbath rest of God today so that we may spared the wrath of a holy and righteousness God who will begin wielding his axe against the church as his first act of judgement. On the day that great and terrible day of the Lord, nothing will be hidden, for all will be uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we have to give an account. Who can stand against such a holy, living and cutting word of God which will lay bare and naked every thought, deed and word that we have uttered.

Today there are many who have hardened their hearts against the living God and have fallen through temptation, for the word of God says that we must approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may find grace and receive mercy to help us in our time of need. Disciples of Christ have not always fallen to the lust of the flesh, butmany have allowed our 'rights to ourselves' to remain on our throne. In doing so we have become of no use for the work of the Kingdom. For we all have been called before the foundation of the world to walk in righteous works.

God has called us to be witnesses unto him, not what we can do for Him, nor what he has done for us. Go forth the Holy Spirit has said and point others to Jesus whom God has placed in the heavens, with earth as his footstool. God has said this is the way, walk in it for my plans for you are good and will prosper you.

Today, if you hear his voice, enter into the rest of God, for today is that day, for the promise of his rest still stands. The first recipients of Gods rest failed to enter in because of a lack of faith for they trusted in their alibility and their 'rights to themselves.' Today as the 'day of the Lord' hastens towards us there is time to enter into Gods rest where we cease from our labours and 'rights to ourselves.'

The time is urgent for Gods call is for disciples who have denied their rights to themselves and displaced 'self' with the risen Lord, who rules and reigns in their hearts.