The Enemy that Stalks by Night

I have a sense in my spirit that attacks by the enemy through dreams in the night will increase in intensity and frequency.  This should not alarm us in the sense that we have been caught unawares, for the enemy will match and over reach what the Holy Spirit is doing.  Just as there is an increase in the activity of the Holy Spirit and Gods messengers so too there is an increase in the activity of the powers of darkness.

We should not be alarmed and panicked into despair or forced to accept the belief that we must have wronged the Lord somehow.  This attack is the ‘new normal’ for the enemy, therefore we must not place ourselves under condemnation.  By doing so we are surrendering to the prince of the air.  Neither must we panic and thereby become focused on the dream replaying it over and over in our head.  No matter how real and vivid the images are, and no matter how shaken we are we must quickly to shake off these thoughts and wild imaginations that will flood in.  Which they will, and we will be overwhelmed if we do not run to Jesus.  Do not become a victim of drowning by Satan.

We must rise up quickly and with a supernatural urgency reject the dark foreboding thoughts and images.  ‘In the name of Jesus, I reject these thoughts and images for they are not from God but from the enemy.’  This must be our first words uttered by our lips.  The quicker we turn our eyes and thoughts to the safety of Jesus and his blood the easier it will be for us to thinks clearly and boldly.  Reject the enemy and chase the demonic beings out of our room using the sword of the spirit, as we pray in tongues to obtain direction from the Lord.

This wrestle may be a struggle that is over in a few seconds; other times it may be longer, but we must persevere and not lay down our sword, looking into the face of Jesus as we fight.  We must continue to wrestle until the darkness and heaviness has passed and we have prayed in the light of the Holy spirit, sensing a change in the atmosphere.

Be comforted that Jesus is standing at the end of your bed and a host of angels are circling over your house. If need be turn on the light and open the word of God and speak our loud the passage you are directed to, over and over until your strength is restored and praise is forming on your lips.  Continue for as long as you are able rejoicing in the victory gained by the Lion of Judah.

Remember the enemy came to kill steal and destroy your relationship with the Father.  By standing tall in the Lord and in his might we have given the enemy a ‘blood nose.’  For greater is he that is within you than he that is without.  Victory will always be ours in Christ. 

Beth M @blest ·

A warning to be heeded

Abdulaziz Salahudin @romadeking ·

Why should Satan, the deceiver engage us in any form of battle knowing that there is no way he could win? It's a game of deceit or in another word ' a make believe' that he has power or capable of doing so much against the will and purpose of God. This is certainly not in denial of people's experiences and revelations because of where we are dwelling in the midst of the world. I could never have dreamth of snow because I have lived in the tropical all my life. But check things out and one will decode that they aren't true and it will confirm that he is a liar all this while. It could be true to any christian that Satan wiles are frustrating their growth because they are in the midst of the thorns and there is need to find that sure good ground and grow there hence forth. Let's get this! It is recommended that the only way we could be free from the power of Satan is to abide in the Light of eternal living Truth in the Spirit of God. Seek the Kingdom and press to enter in. It might be that where Christians stand to fight Satan is his ground, the world. There is meeting point of the light of Life and darkness of death; there is no mistaken about this. But do we know this?

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Thanks for commenting on CB

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I agree. This is a warning to be heeded.