The Fact and the Truth

The world is full of facts.  Facts are everywhere.  We are taught facts in school.  We learn certain facts as we grow into adult hood.  We answer facts on quiz shows.  We come to understand the fact the we do not put our hand into hot embers to dispose them.  We quickly learn the facts of the road code to keep ourselves safe along with others on the road.

A full definition of 'fact' as defined in the Penguin English Dictionary is "an actual occurrence or event; a piece of information; in law an actual or alleged event."

But are facts always true?  Are facts always presented as truth?  Do we understand facts to be always correct and true?

It is a fact that I have been diagnosed with prostate cancer.  But is this fact true?

I read in the scriptures that Jesus is the truth, the way and life.  The truth is that Jesus lives in me.  The truth is that because Jesus lives in me; the fact that I have cancer is trumped each time by the act on Calvary.

On the hill of Golgotha Jesus fought the battle of cancer on our behalf and won.  The fact that I have been diagnosed by the medical profession as having cancer hs been rendered null and void by the blood of Jesus.  My cancer has been annulled for I am the winner and cancer is on the loosing side.

Therefore, I say to the spirit of cancer 'you are a looser, for you have no grip on me.'  I am the winner every time.

The truth is that I am more than a conquer.  The truth is that my cancer has been defeated on the cross.  The truth is that I can trample on the cancer with total and complete confidence.

That I have cancer is a fact.  The truth is that the cancer has been overruled by the blood of Christ.  Legally I am redeemed and set free, sanctified to live a life of holiness.  The courts of heaven have declared me delivered from blackness.

Therefore, I must act, think and live as the winner.  I will not be controlled by the cancer for I am controlled by Christ.  I will not be defined by the cancer, but I will allow myself to be defined by the blood of Jesus.  I will not fear the cancer; I will not bend under its weight.  I pray that I will not become obsessed by its presence. 

Sin is crouching at my door, the devil is prowling like a lion, but I am a winner for I am on the winning team.  The weight of caner has been reversed by the weight of glory over me.  I will not fear cancer, but I will fear the Lord.  In so doing I am building up a crown of glory that awaits me.

Facts are not always the truth.


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I put it like this, "Cancer does not have me. God has me!"

At this moment, I know seven people who are battling cancer. Five of them are family members. Today I prayed for a woman who has just been diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer which is the same type of breast cancer I had 11 years ago. She is a young woman who is 15 weeks pregnant and has a toddler as well. I am reminded that Jesus Christ is our Healer. I am praying.

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Amen John.

Deepa N @deepaanne ·

Amen. He won the victory for us on the cross by shedding In His blood. Jesus name is above all names. In Jesus name there is Healing. In Jesus name Amen.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Praying for the 5 family members. Thanks heaps for your faith and prayers - the victory is ours and our enemies are blinded

Les Braswell @doneuntotheleast ·

Amen and standing in agreement. In Christ, Les

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