The Flickering Flame and Golden Oil

So many of us are under the pump at present from all forms of attack that the enemy can muster against those saints who have tasted death and risen again.  The enemy will not tolerate those who have tasted death as Jesus did for those risen from the grave into resurrection have angels of death and destruction assigned to them.

But greater is he who dwells within, than all the demonic angels who dwell in utter darkness; for light will always trump darkness and eternal life always wins over death.  This is what I heard the Lord say to those precious saints who are reeling under the demonic onslaught.

I am the Lord who will not snuff out a flickering flame and I will not break a bruised reed, nor will I forget you.  I am gentle, kind loving and gracious.  I am soft, I am love.  Come close to me and I will breathe the breath of my love upon your wavering and unsteadying flame.  I will breath upon your flame so that it will glow brighter and brighter and stronger and higher and higher.  My breath is soft, and I will fane you flame.

I will also feed your fire of my oil from the seven lamp sticks that stand in my temple, my golden oil refined by the blood of Jesus the lamb that was slain.  This oil will flow, and I will fane your flame so that your darkness will disappear.  Your darkness will be turned into noon day light as you look upon me ever so clearly for you will be see as I AM, your redeemer, your strength, your saviour.

I am the Lord who will walk with you, I am your Lord who will go after who until I find you and bring you home.  You see me so clearly that you will burst into praise and dance before me in the presence of your enemies.  I have spread a table before you as your enemies’ gloat with envy and out rages anger over you.

Arise up and make that decision, decide today to step out of the boat for I will hold you as I held the hand of Peter, for as you step out the soft warmth of my breath will fane your stuttering flame and my oil will feed your fire.  Then you will know me as I truly am, your deliverer, your salvation, your fire, your eternal life, your love.

Trust me.  I, the Lord of all, are with you now and forever.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Amen and amen! :heart:

Steve Hurt @steveh ·