the former and latter rains and the year 5777

The Holy Spirit has been troubling me all week with the concept of the former and latter rains. I was aware that since I have come into the knowledge of the Hebrew calendar that now is the time of the former rains. But the Holy Spirit kept on insisting that the emphasis was to be on the latter rains which for many days confused me for I knew it was not springtime in Israel.

It was only when I ceased my rational contemplation and reasoning that the word for today's blog became so much clearer. I am aware that many teachers and preachers of the word in the Pentecostal camp have taught that the former rains related to the day of Pentecost and that the latter rains are of a later period of the Holy Spirits out pouring.

But as this is a new Jewish year, 5777 in which I believe God will turn much thinking upside down I was not surprised to hear the Holy Spirit say the rains, as in seasons occur on a regular basis. In that there are times and seasons in an individual's life and a body of believers when God open the heavens and the former (Autumn) rains fall, followed by a time when the latter (spring) rains fall.

The former rains speak of preparation of the land ~ breaking up the fallow land ready for planting. This involves ploughing, tilling, harrowing and rolling the seed bed ready for the seeds. In this manner the Holy Spirit is saying that there is a period in our lives when God breaks up our hearts ready for further spiritual seed planting. In my case this was 2002 when I was diagnosed with an extremely large prostate. Up to this point my heart was hardened and my spiritual soil was stony.

Over the next ensuring years God began to break up my heart ready for the planting of his word seeds. Seeds of hope, seeds of spiritual power and authority, seeds of spiritual gifts, seeds of love, seeds of faith, seeds of perseverance, patience, longsuffering and godliness.

Each person has in Gods time their season of the former rains; for some it is longer or shorter than mine, but we all have a time when God in his love has broken our hardened ground ready for his seed planting.

This year I sense in my spirit that the latter rains will fall on many disciples and communities of believers and great will be the harvest as the latter rains (spring time) swell the grain and fruits ripe for harvest. Hence the Holy Spirit seeks to encourage you, the reader of this blog, that the latter rains are about to fall on your soil and great will be the harvest thereof. For this is the year 5777 of new beginnings and the coming into new ministries.

There will be an explosion of God's love on his people that will radiate out into the lost world. Signs and wonders will follow believers as they are called out into the highways and byways of our cities and towns. I believe this year 5777 will see a gigantic shift in gratitude towards God our Father. Because of the immensity of the shift that is about to take place, not only will you stand in awe of events; you will stand in awe of Me for revealing these things to My prophets, who shared them through My Word. You will appreciate the shortened time of distress and the saving power of My hand. The things you hoped would be true will materialize as your peace comes from Me.

No longer will the Body of Christ view these last days as days of gloom and terror but they will rejoice in the opportunities to share Gods love to the lost and to express gratitude to one another.

Yes the latter rains are falling and will fall this year, 5777; for you will find the longings of your heart coming into bloom and the uplifting in authority and power of your ministry taken to an immense new level. Such will be the anointing on the body of Christ that the world will stream to them for peace and salvation.

I sense that there will be a totally supernatural anointing of God's love on all his people. God loves His Bride, and how we talk about His Bride matters to Him. How we discern the members of His Body, or His Bride matters to Him. We must see God's Bride the way that He does: through the eyes of faith, patience, and love. Remember, there is always someone that is counting on you to believe in them! Don't let them down!

Look up my people for your redemption draws nigh for my four winds have gone to the corners of the earth ready to blow and blow they will, and great will be the confusion, but in the midst of this I have planted my seeds and now is the time for them to spring forth. Open your hearts and minds to me and I will open the rains of heaven and they will fall on my plantings. For now is the appointed time for all these things to take place that I have revealed to you through my prophets.


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