The Glory of the Lord will cover the Earth

As waves roll upon the shore in endless succession so to will the glory of the Lord be released upon the earth over the coming years s the prophets before us as predicted.  This move of God will be preceded by an unprecedent season of transition in the life of every warrior, church and nation.  Presently we are in the time and season of the open door of Gods favour that is being upon those who have eyes to see and hears to hear of the plans of the Father.

At this point it is worthy to delve deeper into the meaning of the English word Glory, as for many in the church, as is typical of biblical terms, it has been watered down.  In Hebrew the word glory is rendered by two words. Kavod is the more common Hebrew word which literally means weight suggesting that a King has much wealth, power and position and therefore has been favoured.  Shekinah is the other word used for glory in the Old Testament and means simply neighbour which has the idea of presence or dwelling.

There is coming a time when the dwelling of God will inhabit the earth, as all nations will be aware of his presence, for God the Father will tabernacle among us.  Presently the church has not been favoured by God and his dwelling is not widely felt in many congregations across the western world.  But this is changing as the glory begins to roll in, beginning first with individuals whose hearts have been opened by the fire of the Holy Spirit.

This fire will begin to burn as individual bonfires scattered across the nations in various places and brightness, until the fire lights will join into a conflagration of flames.  God is beginning to partner with his church even in those nations that are hostile to the Kingdom, so the glory flames will burn brighter and stronger across all lands.

For where the glory of the Lord will be; blessings will follow for the favour of the Father will dwell among us.  This glory will be a heavy sense of his dwelling so that darkness and demons will flee from his power, prestige and positioning; for who can dwell in the glory of the Lord, but those with clean hands and pure hearts.

For where Gods glory is, so too will the blessings of God be found, for as the Holy Spirit will take many demons captive so will Gods new gifts be allocated to the church.  I sense a new Pentecost is about to be birthed upon those believers who are gathered with one heart and soul to worship the King of Kings.  Social media has brought his elect together into a worldwide unity as the Holy Spirit is gathering his saints from across the seas to be together in one place.

My prayer Lord: is that I may embrace your Glory.  Bring me into your presence Lord Jesus.  Amen