The Gospel of St Paul

Just as Paul writes that he becomes all things to all people that he might win some, (1 Corinthians 9) so to I believe that the roaring lion becomes all things to all people that he to may devour some.  The lion that roars can come to us an adorable loveable kitten that tears our heart strings.  In so doing we take the cute kitten into our home.  Very quickly we have adopted the kitten into the pattern of our life’s and the lion disguised as an angle of light becomes part of our family.

This roaring lion does not need to roar to enter our life’s, but he attaches himself to some weak point in our make-up.  For some believers it is un confessed sin, for others it is hurts from our past, for others it is bitterness, for others it is a failure to test the spirits.

We need to come before the Lord with open hearts and clean hands otherwise we have an entry point for the enemy; as if we have left our back door open.  To secure our boundary we need to be willing to have our hearts examined by the Lord himself and if need be confess, repent and ask for forgiveness.  In most ailments that the roaring lion, that was once an adorable kitten, has caused we need to cast out the over grown and obnoxious kitten

In these last days we need to be on our guard and vigilant for the enemy knows that his time is short and even the elect will be seduced.  I pray that we may not be counted among the fallen, who through a moment of weakness allow the enemy onto our property.

I sense that we are entering a season when this roaring lion is coming to us an angel of light using his many disguise’s that he can slip into.  Beware of any gospel that his preached, enters your in box or finds its way into your home that is different from the gospel preached and taught by Paul.  Even if an angel from heaven comes to you in a dream with a different gospel let him be eternally condemned.  Galatians 1:7-8

Just to be clear here is Pauls Gospel in a nutshell as I see it: -

1/ Jesus was crucified on a cross and was buried.

2/ On the third day he arose and was seen by many.

3. This resurrected Jesus lives in those who have called on the name of Jesus by faith for salvation.

4/ We have been given the Holy Spirit as a down payment.

There is no mystery here, no cognitive reasoning, no special knowledge, no secretive code – beware of these requirements that precede some teaching for salvation.

I hear the Holy Spirit saying ‘Hold on to the faith that was given to through the laying on of hands and stand firm in my love for you.  Do not listen to the voices that claim they have new revelation that will open the door into the heavens.  Walk in power, love and self-control for I am holding your hand and have your best interests close to my heart that will bring glory to my name.’

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

As I read your blog, I thought about the "expert handlers" who have been seriously hurt or killed by a lion(s) or tiger(s) they owned/worked with and/or had hand-raised. You can't trust them for a minute for they are who they are even in captivity. Even if they could no longer survive outside of captivity. They are wild animals and no matter how docile and domesticated they may seem, that is not their nature and at any moment, their true nature can reveal itself with disastrous consequences.

We can't play around with fire. While in the natural, it is a good thing to under proper conditions, care for wild animals who are too sick or have been too injured to ever safely return to the wild, spiritually, we have no business keeping the "lion" in our "house"!

Steve Hurt @steveh ·

You write this in a time I am in research of two very dangerous groups both growing in the Christian world.
You highlight the Gospel in 4 points many need to recall.
Very good blog.