The Hand of God Among Us

When the Messiah, whom the prophets had prophesied in various ways, years before, gave up His rightful place in heaven and took on the form of a slave he was not recognized.  When he was born the announcement of the royal birth was conveyed to lowly poor shepherds and foreign astrologers.  When he grew up gaining both favours with God and man the religious leaders were amazed at his knowledge of the Old Testament.  When he was baptized and went about doing good, healing the sick, raising the dead and teaching of the Kingdom of God he was not recognized by the church leaders.

The coming of Jesus into the world was not noticed, and if they did have inklings that this was the Messiah, he was misunderstood by the religious leaders.  This confusion and blindness to the reality of Jesus as the Messiah continued through out his time on earth.  Despite the church officials asking for sign that Jesus was the Messiah their blindness closed their minds to the healings and the good that Jesus went about doing. 

The so called sinners of the day were perhaps the only people who saw in Jesus the promised Messiah and even then the number of followers was small.   This inability from the authorities to acknowledge that Jesus was the Messiah turned to hostility culminating in the crucifixion.

We who look back on these times when Jesus walked the earth find it incredible that Jesus was not instantly recognized, despite the forth telling from the prophets, whom the religious, leaders and scholars would have been familiar with.   

But would we have been any better? 

I have always been fascinated and betwixt by this reply of Jesus reordered in Matthew’s gospel.  Chapter 13:13 reads ~

This is why I speak to them in parables: "Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand.


Did Jesus not wish the populace to see him as the Messiah and eventually the saviour of the world and the author of the New Covenant?

I sense in my spirit that as Jesus came into this world as the Son of God, so to will the move of God, that we, the world are on the cusp, be not recognized by the religious.  I mentioned in my last blog how I had noticed the hand of God re aligning New Zealand’s political landscape. Many will not recognized the work of God here and call this strange un precedent happenings.  There has been much revealed by Gods servants the prophet over the last few years of the sudden, un expectant and un heard of occurrences among the body of Christ, the nations and individual believers.

God is on the move, rattling cages, setting prisoners free, up turning established beliefs, re appointing, re aligning and generally shaking the world ready for his our pouring of grace and power.  Will we notice Gods hand at work in our life?  I am sure the religious among us, like their first century brothers will not recognize God walking among us. 

The winds of Gods spirit is blowing across the nations, including North Korea, China and those nations that we may have deemed un touchable by God.  I believe that those members of the Body of Christ, who are pressing into the heart of God, our Father, are being kept in the loop of the Holy Sprits blowing across the land. 

Just as the religious among Jesus countrymen were blind to the work of the Messiah, so to will those who have a religious spirit not see Gods hand at work today and tomorrow.  And in this was manner Matthew 13:13 will be true in the 21st C. as it was in Jesus’ day.

Quotations designated are from THE HOLY BIBLE: NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION®.  NIV®.  Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica.  All rights reserved worldwide. (New International Version Bible Online)

 John Knox
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Yes, God is "rattling cages" yet I hear so many Christians say, "God is not moving". It makes me wonder, John. It makes me wonder where they are because either they are not where God is or they are blind. Yes, it seems like wickedness is on the rise and running rampant in our world but this morning, I was at a church service where 20 people received Christ. This afternoon, I am attending a baptism service. Everywhere I look, I see the hunger in people's eyes, I hear their fears, their troubles and their questions. I see lives transformed and hope restored. I have to ask the question once again. Where are we and are we paying attention?