the holy spirit is saying to me this early morning

The Holy Spirit is saying to me that Jesus is the one who heals the broken hearted. He wishes to remind us that the King of Glory seeks to come into our broken hearts and longs for us to open the door of our hearts and minds. As he is our Helper he points out that he is very willing to help us open our often locked doors. The Key of David hangs from the belt of Jesus and this is the key that will unlock the closed gate into our hearts.

The Holy Spirit further says that every tear that we shed is accounted for in heaven, for such tears are gathered and remembered as they are recorded in our book of life. Each sob, each heart broken tear is recorded in a meticulous manner.

For as we weep before the throne of grace we sow supernatural seeds of patience and hope that are watered by our tears of righteousness. For the righteous will go forth in sorrow but return in jubilation.

Lift up your heads O gates and allow the Son of man to come in; who has healing in his wings. For the words of the Lord are health to our bones and medicine to our soul. Take; eat of the Lords word for they will be sweet as honey to the taste and powerful as a Lion to the heart.

Lift up your heads those who are bowed down and see the King of Glory descending from heaven as he takes his rightful place upon the throne surrounded by the sea which is as clear and bright as glass.

Les Braswell @doneuntotheleast ·

Thank you for this word wmj. In Him, Les