The Jewish New Year of 5780

On September 30th we enter into a new Jewish year; the year of 5780; in fact, this new era is far more important than many care to understand.  We are closing out an old decade and entering into new epoch.  Such periods of time are significant in Gods sight.  Such periods of significance are not only related to a set time; for instance, we are closing out a time when all those who fought in WW2 are now passing away. 

Such periods or epochs are sensitive to those believers who have the spirit of Issachar, for they have been trained by the Holy Spirit through their brokenness to understand the times and seasons and call on the body of Christ to re-align with the Fathers new plans.  So, it is with the new beginning on our Gregorian calendar of September 30 as we enter in the Jewish New Year - Rosh HaShana. 5780.

Some would say that the Hebrew Language is the communication format of heaven, as each letter and numeral has layers of meaning from the literal to the mystical.  It can safely be called a holy language, of which the Body of Christ is slowly awakening to, myself included.  I believe this intertest in the Hebrew language, with its symbolic meaning is all part of Gods plan from the beginning.

In the language of heaven, which has come to us in the Hebraic form; 80 being part of the "Pey" (rhymes with "pay") decade.  "Ayin" of the past decade gives insight, but it is the "Pey" (mouth) that gives insight expression.  'Pey' is a picture symbol of a mouth.  The mouth is the expression of the breath. Through our mouths the breath becomes vocalized. The main channel through which breath is exchanged is through the mouth, thus the mouth becomes a powerful expression of the Breath of the Holy Spirit.

I hear the Holy Spirit saying that this coming decade will be an explosion of the breath/word of God in that Gods word will prevail over all the nations in a saturated concentrated manner that we have never witnessed before.  I believe this soaking of God's word upon the nations will increase with each Jewish year throughout this coming decade.

I expect to see a proliferation and increase in prophetic utterances and establishment of the prophetic office across all sectors of Christ's believers.  This outpouring of Gods 'word' will know no boundaries, gender or age.  Not only will the prophetic word be confined to the church, but 'spirit filled prophets' will stand before Kings, Presidents and Prime Ministers speaking Gods word in the political arena.  Such an out poring of God's word will coincide with the expected harvest that is about to come in.  This will be a glorious holy period in the church's history.

I also believe that the scriptures will one again be studied with a reverence and fear that will reveal more revelatory truth that will become the lamp unto the feet of the all believers.  There will be a completion of Biblical translations into many new language groups.  Bible study groups will spring up as mushrooms; the Bible will once again become recognized as relevant for today's people.  The so called 'higher criticism' that has hung around theological groups, seminaries and colleges will dissipate.

Jesus the prophet will  appear before many; particularly the Muslim community and many in the Islam world will turn to Christianity.  Jesus will appear in visions. and super-natural ways to confound many.  Jesus the 'logos word' will be seen by many as their 'road to Emmaus' experience.

But conversely as the word of God explodes across the nations so to will the counterfeit pervade many and delude believers into a pathway of error.  Here discernment and wisdom is needed.  I sense in my spirit that the Gregorian NY of 2020 will be misused and distorted, being likened to 20/20 vision with its following interpretation.  For not all prophetic words in this vein will always be authentic; for we need to remember it is Gods glory to conceal his word and for Kings to mine the truth, revealing the mysteries and secrets.  We need to head the warning in 2 Timothy to diligently study the word of God.

I pray that we enter into the Jewish New Year with our eyes open, our ears unblocked and our spirits ready for the seed to fall on the fertile ground.



K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

As I read your blog, I recalled what I heard recently at a presentation by Wycliffe Associates. Such tremendous work is being done in regard to Bible translation and with new technology and resources, their goal is to have the Bible translated into every language by 2025.

We need to pray, we need to study and we need to let our light shine brightly in the dark!

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