The Light wave Pattern Walk

I suspect that many of us would rather have our walk with our Lord go in a straight protectory, nice and even with no deviation, straight to the final mark.  Like an arrow shot true to its target.  I suspect this dream walk is because we believe that this is the correct and better way to live out our Christian discipleship.  Nice and true, free from slip ups and with a halo of holiness.

This is a pleasant dream and a good ideal but our walk with Christ is more like a wave pattern of light.  Experience and common sense tells us that in reality our walk is up and down, blessings then struggles, light then darkness, praise and worship then loneliness.  The preacher in the Bible calls this, a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven.  Yes, we need to face up to reality that our walk with our Saviour goes through the light wave pattern; summer gives way to winter, light moves into darkness, day goes into night.  

Looking to the scriptures we can discover many such light pattern waves.  One of the most obvious is the baptism of Jesus by John in the Jordan, when Gods voice exploded and thundered from heaven; then Jesus being driven into a wilderness tempting experience.  The children of Israel escaping from slavery joyously carrying loot taken from their tormenters only to straight-away find themselves trapped.  The Red Sea before them and the entire army of Pharaoh behind them and closing in fast.  David along with Archish had much success in battles but when David returned to Ziklag he found his camp plundered, their wife’s, children and livestock taken.

Mining these verses deeper I heard the Holy Spirit say; learn from these accounts. 

Jesus overcome his 40 days of darkness by quoting scripture.  He stood firm on Gods word.  The moment in our low times when we look and dwell on our symptoms and circumstances, we open the door to sin who is crouching ready to spring.  Many times, we try to have it both ways by saying, we have faith in God to deliver but the circumstances/symptoms occupy our thoughts.  This is being an unstable double-minded person, described in James as receiving nothing from the Lord.

The Children of Israel had to stop panicking and grumbling and trust Yahweh to find a way out of their dilemma.  The moment we believe that God has lost control of our situation we have moved into the enemies camp as prisoners.  We need to repeat this truth – In Christ alone we are victorious.  In Christ we are delivered.  In Christ we are healed.  In Christ we have plenty.  The moment we doubt or waver in our trust we are spiritually destroyed.  No! we must steel our mind and speak Out Loud, that in Christ we are more than conquers.

When David discovered his camp had been ransacked, he went into deep depression as his men planned to stone him.  But in the depths of his spirit he found strength to enquire of the Lord who told him to pursue the enemy.  Many times, when under attack our best defence is attack.  Charging into the enemy as Gideon did with the King of Kings on our side will always rout the enemy.  I find that shutting myself in a room and charging waving the Sword of the Spirit and yelling in my spirit language brings results.  But we have rouse ourselves up, before the Lord will come along side to lead us into battle.  The only miracle here is that we have victory – did not Jesus say that when he left, we would do greater things?

May the Lord bless you and keep you on his pathway, guiding your footsteps and directing your path with the light of His Word.  May you continue to grow into Jesus our head and warrior.  To God be praised, may Christ be elevated, and the Holy Spirit honoured in our hearts as we grow and the eyes of our spirit enlightened to see the glory of the Father.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I just got around to reading this and I am so glad I did! This has been a tough and difficult season for my family at the moment and this along with Jan's blog was just the word I needed to read! Thank you and be encouraged to know that even if someone does not comment when we first publish a blog, God has a purpose for us to write it. You cannot know how this has blessed me today!

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