The Mantle of Anointing

In the next few days the Lord of hosts will throw his mantle over you, for we are about to enter a time of preparation and transition. Those who are pressing into the Lords presence and not seeing much change in the atmosphere, look up for the mantle of authority and power is about to be draped over your shoulders.  Now is the time for the release of the breaker anointing.

Now is not the time to look down or look back, or to grow weary and faint with no hope in your heart.  Do not listen to the roar of the enemy   Put no trust in your flesh for the flesh will let you down and over turn your spirit each time.  The enemy may roar and stomp outside your tent, but he cannot come in for he is on the Lords leash.

During this time of walking in the valley of death your footsteps are starting to become stronger as the pathway begins to lead upwards and onwards to your transfiguration and mantle anointing.  Breakout is near for the sound of the ram’s horn can be heard as the Lord and his angel army is nearby.   

Break, break, break I can hear in my spirit as many break outs are about to take place, chains falling off and bonds being cut loose, as those who have been burdened will straighten their backs and rejoice.  Great will be the rejoicing in heaven as the mantles are placed on shoulders and the certificate of perseverance is given to you.

The breaker anointing is going before you as your break out through the gate of praise and rejoicing with the King of Kings leading the way and bringing the captives in the rear.  Lift your heads O gates that the ransomed sons and daughters may pass through. 

Follow the Lord into your new destiny wrapping your anointing mantle around you, for your anointing will be your strength and authority in your new assignments.  Enlarge the ropes of your tent and move the markers of your boundaries further out, to accommodate the glory of the Lord.

Lift up your face O redeemed one and grasp the hand of your redeemer, praying in the spirit as Gods will is enacted through you.  Press into the Fathers heart.