The Master Builder


Recently the Holy Spirit has been opening my eyes and spirit to the holy significance of numbers in the scriptures.  I have been impressed by the Spirt to not disregard these numerical occurrences as I was once wont to do.  For we have been exhorted to number our days so that we may apply our hearts to wisdom.  Couple this with the new understanding the Lord has been directing my interest in the Jewish calendar, and we have a springboard for the word given to me.

As we are now becoming aware this is the Jewish year 5778.  Looking at the double 7 flanked by the 5 and 8 caught my interest, no doubt encouraged by the Spirit of the living God.  The number five has prophetic’ meaning I believe of ‘the bride – one growing in grace,’ whereas the numeral 8 has a prophetic meaning of ‘a new thing or first fruits.’  Seven I believe is ‘prepared or made ready, completion.’  Seven being double has a mega ring to it.

This is what I have heard the Lord say.  I am about the rebuild my temple with in you, for the temple that you and the enemy have build needs to be de-constructed.  I am about to begin a work of pulling and tearing down the strongholds and the high places in your life.  This work of excavation will not be pretty, for as in the natural so to in the spiritual.  I need to says the Lord to lay again the chief corner stone in your foundations, so that your foundations are solid build on Christ and the Apostles.

During this season of pulling down and re building rejoice and look to me art all times.  Do not look to the rebuild for in doing so you will become anxious and become alarmed at the destruction and frustration will set in.  Look to me the Master Builder, hold my hand as I build my glorious temple within you.  Yield to my hammer, for as I brought the Israelites out of slavery I had to take the slavery out of their hearts.

I believe this is the year of new opportunities, new alliances, new covenants with the Lord.  This is a year of the open door into a closer alliance with the Fathers heart, a time to allow the former things to be cast off by the hand of the Master Builder.  Today is the day of decision.  Will you allow the tearing down of the old for the construction of the new? 

I pray that you will not resist the hand of God upon you to remould and reshape you.  Therefore, do not despise the day of difficulty, the season of reconstruction and renovation for this is the time to rejoice with praise and worship.  For in this time of renovation the Lord will provide a door of hope for you. 

The Lord himself will over shadow you as a hen shelters her chickens under her wings.  Rejoice and be glad that the Lord has chosen to cut a new agreement with you, that will be greater and more glorious than the former.  God has taken you up higher onto a smooth plane, a solid rock with widened boundaries.