the nations are in a turmoil

Over the last few weeks the Holy Spirit has been taking me on a journey that has been both painful and exciting at the same time.  I have felt ashamed that it has taken me so long to come to this truth of the Lords work.  Excited that a totally new vista of the Lords work is opening up before me.  Relieved also that the Holy Spirit has not abandoned me to my own understandings.

The scales began falling from my eyes during the recent American presidential elections, for as I was praying and listening to the Holy Spirit I was caught up in the Spirit.  It was in the presence of the Lord that I began to discern the elections through the Holy Spirits eyes.  I began to enter into the will of the Lord as my prayers began to decree his will.

As a result of these visitations from the Lord I was able to write my last blog concerning the realignment of the nations.  Yes I have come to realize that the Lord of Host is totally interested in the affairs of the nations, ungodly as they are.  For a long time I believed wrongly that in this age of grace Gods focus was only fixated on the church ` the Body of Christ.  Coming from the evangelical arm of the church this is an easy mistake to make.  Theological College training for the ministry did not help either, rather it entrenched my view that the Minor Prophets and portions of the Major Prophets were long past happenings.

As I have eaten humble pie and repented before the Father of all nations I have been lead deeper into the heart of the Lord as he unveils his plans to his children.

I sense in my spirit that the Lord his calling forth those children who have eyes to see and ears to hear to enter into a partnership with him to pray and decree his destiny over the nation.  For this is a time of redemption, restoration and revival not only among the church but also the nations.  This power base shifting of the nations is all directed towards the establishment of this kingdom on earth which will center on Jerusalem.

I saw in my spirit shafts of light from the third heaven passing through the second heaven through which the angels of each nations destiny is descending.  But these shafts of light were being attacked in the second heaven. As I watched I heard the Holy Spirit say that these pathways from heaven will only be kept open through the prayers of His faithful ones.

Yes, it is true He is inviting us in to partner with Him, for that is the focus.  But remember HE is the Ruler of the nations, and we must learn to partner with Him, His timing, and His rhythm.  Remember to that the nations are our inheritance under the dominion ship of Christ.  I believe we should God no rest until he establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth.  (Isaiah 62:7)  Of course there is going to be a back lash to this re-establishment of Gods rule over the nations for the curse is being reversed.

‘The Protestant Reformation that was unleashed through Martin Luther 499 years ago, represented the beginning of receiving the full benefits of the Son. That which was kicked off through the Azusa Street Revival in 1906 represents the beginning of receiving the full benefits of the Holy Spirit.  What kicks off now is the beginning of the era of the Father – and this is all about inheritance, Promised Land, Reformation, Restoration, Renaissance, and the nations becoming Jesus' reward.’*

Presently the nations are in an uproar (Psalm 46:6)  The enemy is kicking back but this calls for perseverance and continually waiting on the Lord, standing firm  for God is our refuge and strength.  As we do the church, the body of Christ will I believe experience a greater love towards the nations as the love of the Father is poured out upon all flesh.  For in the end the greatest of all is Love and this Saviour’s love from the father will be bestowed on the nations.

Hence we need to fasten our spiritual seat belts for the suddenlies of God will be over taking the church and the nations as the season and times of the Fathers reformation begins.  There will be moves, counter moves and further counter moves to re establish the flow.

Therefore we are to be steadfast in prayer as we partner God in his blowing across the nations.  Prayer is to be faith, hope and love-inspired conversations with God. We should pray more to agree with God than to disagree with the devil.  We want to remain third-heaven conscious and less second-heaven conscious. 

Be still and focus on the Father as the nations rage and their power ebbs and flows.

*Attributed to Johnny Enlow author of the ‘Seven Mountain Prophecy’



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