The New Rebuild

I believe that the church is going through a massive transitional period whether the Body of Christ is aware of this happening or not.  The season at present, as I see it in the Lord is a time of re alignment.  During such a time there is much flux in the spiritual world with the winds of change beginning to blow.  Such hurricane winds can cause confusion among the church as the old structures and wine skins are being dismantled.

It is as if the church has been in captivity for some time as we have been exiled in much the same manner as the Babylonian captivity around 590-580 BC.  The enemy has taken the power and witness of the church into a foreign country where the body of Christ has been under the dominion of Babylon.

But as so many years ago, I believe that  the spirit of Daniel has been arising in those exiles who have not forgotten their Lord and have set their face to remember him.  These faithful Daniels have been contenting with the Lord of all the earth as they sense that the period of captivity is about to finish.  They sense in their spirits, that they are on the cusp as there is an increase in dreams and visions and appearances of angelic activity.

But as in Daniels time there is still much demonic activity and there have been, and will continue to be those who have been thrown into the lions’ dens and the fiery furnaces.  The enemy is sending out his troops to distract the saints from hearing and understanding the signs of the Gods winds.  During this transition and re positioning of the church, there will many scoffers and false prophets, who claim to have the ear of the Holy Spirit when in fact they have not stood in courts of the Lord Most High.

As I hear the Holy Spirt speaking I sense that there is a massive rebuild coming as the temple of the Lord will be restored and his power and majesty will once again be seen in the streets.  Governments will be re positioned along with the breakdown of the seven mountains that have ruled over the nation for so long.  The spirit of Ezra and Nehemiah are being prepared at this time for not only will the church be rebuilt according to Gods plans; but society will be cleansed and renewed.

Into this mix of change and re positioning God is re training his servants for the task of being his ambassadors, and in doing so he is ready to re provision those who have the ‘spirit of rebuild.’  I hear the Holy Spirit say; now is the time to receive from the Lord the talents and gifting’s to accomplish the high calling that he will place on those who have Daniel like spirits.

May we reach out and content for Gods provisions that he has set aside for each of his servants.  May we not be slow in availing ourselves of God’s grace and gifts for the past gifting and methodology will not he suitable for this new season of reformation among the nations.

The old wine skins are being discarded and the new wine is being prepared to fill the new win skins.  May we who hear the Spirits calling push further into the Fathers calling.  May we press further into the Father’s heart.  May we seek, knock and ask until we have been filled with the fresh wine. 

For the rebuild will soon be happening and we the body of Christ need to be ready to step up and begin the reformation ordained by the Father.