The season of Birthing is Upon Us.

I firmly believe that this year is the year of birthing; that we will see the manifestations of our Father in amazing ways.  Our generation will be privileged to be witness’s of Gods almighty deeds, holy power and supernatural acts; not seen since the days of Pharaoh and the confrontation with Moses.  These outpourings of Gods presence will be in parallel to great upheavals in the earth.  We talk of earthquakes before the great and terrible day is to come; and this Biblically correct.  But I sense in my spirit that even we who understanding end times will be shocked and amazed at the evidence of the earths groanings.

I believe we will hear of earthquakes, but they will be in places were the experts in such matters will be confounded as the earth will be uplifted in non-surveyed unknown earthquake areas.  Not only will we be confounded by the regions that should not experience earthquakes, but we will be amazed at the increased frequency of such happenings. 

There will be may other so called ‘abnormal happenings’ that those who have an ear to the Lord will understand.  For not only will the earth groan as the birth pangs increase the atmosphere over the church will shift.  The longed for and prayed for revival will begin as first rains, to saturate and transform the church by the renewing and washing of the word.  The word of God will be opened up as never before. 

As Luther paved the way some 500 years ago, that move of God has been closed off and a new reformation and understanding of the word is about to begin this year.  I see a deeper and more mature understanding concerning the prophetic word as prophets are recognized and listened to, as in 2 Chronicles 20:20.  I see the prophetic seers coming into their own, no longer shunned and misunderstood.  I see a better understanding of the role angels will undertake this year, as I have clearly heard the word from Gods throne, ‘The angels are coming.’  Also, there will be a more mature understanding and an awareness of spiritual warfare as the word of God reveals strategies, battle plans and a respect for our arch-enemy.

Gods glory is first seen in the natural before the spiritual; hence there will be numerous reports of flooding, tsunamis will be reported in places that deemed deemed safe from such ‘acts of nature.’  Volcanic eruptions will accompany such earths groanings and struggles to birth forth Gods plans.

Yes, this ear 2019 will experience an increase in major shakings, siftings and shifting’s that those who do not have an ear to God will be confused with anxiety, listening to the worlds explanations and remedies. 

But thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph and guides our steps, for we will not be shaken, as the peace of God will rule in our hearts.  As we look and press further into the Fathers love, our eyes will be opened, and we will see into heaven.  Our tents will be enlarged as we meet our angels who will be our guide.  Our hearts will be re-kindled with the passion and fire of the Holy Spirit, as we begin to witness in the market place, standing before Kings and the ‘gate-keepers’ of society proclaiming God plans.

2019 will usher in a new chapter of Gods plan for redemption.  Are you rejoicing with me that you will be witnesses unto Gods winds blowing across the earth?  I am humbled and in awe of the role God will ask me to play in this move of the Holy Spirit as Jesus is prepared to be King of the earth.

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