The shifting revelation of Evangelism

I believe that we are witnessing a cosmic shift in our understanding of evangelism, which is being driven by revelation that the Father has been recently releasing through prophetic understanding. To this end I sense the body of Christ is on the brink of a reformatonal move of God as opposed to the traditional revival. This is the exciting, challenging and good news, but the sad news is that many in the church are not aware of this shift which is being instigated from heaven.

In Matthew 16 Jesus says that he is building his church and the gates of hell will not prevail. Many of us fail to realize that this building is a continuous process, for the church building is never finished this side of the Parousia. We are continually being crafted together as living stones; revelation upon revelation.

Although the scriptures urge us to go into all the world and preach the gospel it was not until the 18oos that the church really took hold of this call with biblical fervour, led in general by the protestant arm of the church. In this period of expansion, we have names such as William Carey, Adoniram Judson, David Livingston, Hudson Taylor to name a few. This global evangelism reached its peak in the late 19thC. Many of us are familiar with the societies such as OMF, CIM etc. which have been used mightily by God.

But this emphasis on soul winning as in missions, home tent meeting, crusades and the roman road witnessing, as wonderful as this has been, is not I believe the be all and end all of Gods plans for his kingdom world domination. Because of this methodology the church, I believe has become inward looking seeking denominational growth for growths sake, while ignoring the seven mountains and people at the gates of influence in our present western society.

I sense that the Holy Spirt is directing our thoughts, energies and strategies towards the nations in these end times; for as much as God loves the individual and longs that all come to repentance, he also loves the nations. Look at Matthew 25:32 which suggests that Gods interest will be concerning the nations for either a sheep nation or a goat nation will be the dividing line. Does not the great so called commission use the word nations?

Lets not be blinded by this call to the nations, for until we have re taken the land, consisting of the media, entertainment, governmental, educational, the arts, religion and family values, I believe that Gods will is not being fully d on earth. I understand that in some quarters of the church this revelation is dismissed as false and non-biblical. But this is the word that I hear, and I believe that I, along with many others have the ear of the Holy Spirit.

Does this new insight mean we do away with soul winning? Of course not! Does this mean that we storm these areas of society as in the days of the crusades? No way; for this would be foolish and of the flesh.

As the children of Israel took the promised land walled city by walled city in armed combat we need to engage in spiritual intercessory warfare. For this is a call first and foremost a call to prayer to tear down strongholds and assault the strong men. The Lord of Hosts will do the rest revealing further revelation for the end times.

 John Knox
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K Reynolds (@kreynolds)

I agree.

Reading your blog, I also thought about how as a person who has been involved in theatre arts over the years, it saddened me the way the Church abandoned the arts as well as treated those whom God has gifted in that manner. I think a lot of people might be astonished at how many actors, writers, musicians, singers, dancers, visual artists, etc had at one time been connected with the Church but were told their gifts were "evil" and therefore had no place in the Church. :cry:

I am very thankful for those who rejected that nonsense for nonsense it is. Our talents are a gift from God and given to us to be used for his glory. In the US, there are a rising number of artists who are "taking back the arts" and using them the way God intended them to be used. I am also seeing this trend gaining momentum in the sciences as well.

Les Braswell (@doneuntotheleast)

Well said and thank you wmj. While reading the blog I could not shake the scripture verse in heart and mind ... Judgement shall begin with the house of the Lord. If retaking the lands how true.