The Spirit and Anointing of Issachar

The nations are in an uproar at present, particularly the USA; along the east coast hurricanes, the south over run by floods and the west on fire.  How we react to these earth groaning signs indicates I believe the level of maturity we have in the Lord.  For many the wrecking ball like chaos spells disaster as we re being over run by the forces of evil.  More so when you factor in the terrible un reasonable tragedy in Los Vegas.

Others will see these natural disasters as the hands of Gods judgement upon America and will come up with gross sinful attitudes in each of these areas.  One can not but notice that there are no happenings, as far as I understand in the northern states.  What this means, if there is a meaning here, I am not clear on.

But notice the time schedule of these events: first the wind, then the floods and finally the fire.  I can be proved wrong here, but in the Lord I as I have waited on him, I sense a pattern that these natural happenings will pre date the spiritual out pouring of God upon the land. 

First the winds of the Holy Spirit blow across the land stirring up the signs and wonders of the Lords presence.  This is followed by the water of the word coming in as wisdom, understanding and truth of Gods dealing and ways with the nations.  Finally there is the fire of the spirit burring up the enemy’s opposition to the Lords reformational work and the refining on our souls and spirit, so that the gold of our faith comes forward.  Ready for the bridegroom.

Look I can be wrong in all of the above; for the chaos, wrecking ball effects and the shaking that this will produce, when for many in the church they have been seeking and praying for peace.

Not withstanding the above I am convinced that the USA is in a time and season of a re-set, a re adjustment, a re alignment that is in the time table of Gods dealing with the nations.  First the USA, then such re adjustment will spread to other nations as God is re aligning the lands to be measured against his beloved chosen nation.

On the top of all these upheavals will be an increase in demonic activity, particularly against those of the church/remnant who like Daniel have discerned the times and signs of Gods working.  Alongside of this awareness of the battle fields and struggles that the saints will undergo will be an increase in knowledge and awareness on the opposite equation, that of Gods messengers.

Does this all mean, if I am correct, that the end is near?  Not necessarily so but it does indicate increased activities in the heavenlies, that we would be well, as believers’ in the Lord to act like and seek the anointing of Issachar.

 John Knox
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