The Tares of Deception Sown into the Church

I have been reminded throughout today that there is a fog of deception that is covering the body of Christ.  The enemy has been able to sneak, in without the church knowing and sow his seeds od deception, lies and half-truths; so that today, many within the church are accepting these deceptions as gospel.  This spirit of deception is so widespread with in the mainline churches that many leaders are now scoffing at the purified church of God, calling them out as heretical.

To this end, confusing is rampart and the ability to distinguish between right and wrong is hazy at best.  I was reminded of this malaise when another blog I was reading  spoke of heaven and hell in relation to the passing of Billy Graham and Stephen Hawking’s.  There were several comments that downplayed the concept of hell, with the underlying thought of how a loving God can consign people to everlasting fire and torment.

I was reminded again earlier in the week as I was scrolling through postings that were promoting teaching seminars on angels.  Again, there were comments in all seriousness warning against being taken in by angels and prophets for the Bible, the word of God, is our only authority.  There was even, if I remember, a quote from the old scriptural ‘chestnut’ from Matthew 24:24 of false prophets who will deceive even the elect.  Yes, the Bible is our authority, but God has also given to the church gifts and ministries to build up the body into a oneness in Christ Jesus.

There is no wonder there is total confusion and a lack of knowledge concerning Gods will within the elect as this fog of deception has permeated the minds of many believers including church leaders, who should have known much better.  The passages from the Old Testament against the shepherds not taking care of the flock are currently very apt for this season.

Deception, twisted truth, and trickery are all land-mines that have been planted, I believe by the spirit of witchcraft, among others, that are exploding across the western church resulting in a crippled church that lacks cohesion and spiritual authority.  Yes, there are pockets of purifying fire and broken bread here and there, but by and large the church that was founded on the rock is crippled needing an injection of Gods intervention.

But why wait for God to act and purify his children with purging fire.  As in the time of Ezra, we need a time of repentance and prayer.  Prayer for discernment to return to the church.  Prayer of repentance.  Prayer of a hunger to desire all the gifts.  Prayer of a broken heart to continually press into the Fathers heart seeking the face of Jesus.

Today the church needs discernment to distinguish from the profane, to see clearly through the shadows, to identify the spirit behind the words, blogs, sermons, teachings, articles and prophetic utterances.

We all have the ability to discern, we all have the gift of discernment, for we all have received the gifts in proportion to our faith.  Some have chosen not to exercise their gifts, some have allowed weeds to grow around their gifts, while in others the gifts have fallen on stony ground.

It is time to rekindle our first love and allow the ruach of God to fane our flame into a purifying flame of cleansing and love.  We need discernment to triumph over deception.  Enough is enough for it is time to wake up and put on the cloak of repentance and walk in discernment   

It is time to decree, to declare, to prophesy, to intercede, to agree that enough is enough of this fog of deception and press into the Father, holding onto the horns of the alter until he blesses us with deeper discernment.

I believe that there is a great harvest awaiting to be reaped, but how can we bring in the harvest to an un discerning church?  New wine cannot be mixed with old undrinkable wine.  Is todays church hindering the potential harvest?  Maybe.  Root out the leaven of deception.

Steve Hurt @steveh ·

This is nothing new really and sadly not just the western churches. You are right there are a couple of very serious and dangerous movements about in the west that require discernment and knowledge.

You make some excellent points a subject I stand in prayer with you.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I agree.