The Unexpected Coming of the Lord

I was brought up with a start the other day as the Lord reminded me that he does not always come to us bearing gifts and blessings.  I was worshipping and the Holy Spirit directed me to Psalm 50.  As I began to read, the written word became the prophetic word as verse 3 slammed into my spirit with such clear revelation.

Our God comes and will not be silent; a fire devours before him, and around him a tempest rages.   NIV

I am aware that in the context of this Psalm judgement is the theme of this song of Asaph; and for this reason, many believers exclude the Old Testament from their Bible.  This is an erroneous Devil inspired subterfuge as the OT is as much inspired as the NT; as attested to the bolt I received when I read this chapter.

God can often come to us as a fire.  In the firestorm that can engulf us, God can be found in the midst of the flames and heat.  Think of the fiery furnace recorded in Daniel.  Therefore, my friends we must not shrink back from the testing of the Lord.  God comes to us as a fire to melt us in his furnace of testing.  In the heat of the fire, seek the face of God and discernment will glorify his presence as a fire of cleansing.  Satan is not the only one who can burn us, but he brings his fire to steal, kill and destroy.

Chaos can sweep over us before the voice of the Holy Spirit can be heard above the crashing waves.  As the storm raged on the Sea of Galilee Jesus was found walking towards the boat.  Be encouraged when you find yourselves in the middle of a typhoon, for it may be that God our Father and Saviour is closer than you believe.  As Hebrews points out in chapter 12; discipline and the testing of our faith is a strong indication of God's love towards us.  Faith not tested in the hurricanes and cyclones on life is not a faith that pleases God.

I believe the Holy Spirit is preparing the 'body of Christ' for the purification of the end times, discerning those who will sit at the right hand of the Father judging the nations and those who will be herded as goats.  As I posted a word yesterday; the angels of measurement are now being sent out in the month of October, with the plumb-line of righteousness and tape of holiness in their hands to sift and winnow the wheat from the chaff, ready for the final push into the enemies territory.

I believe we should expect over the coming decade to encounter God resting upon us as a fire with wings of tempest surrounding his glory.  Rejoice for his coming to refine his people will cause the enemy to stagger back under the weight of Gods glory.  Blow after blow will be inflicted on the principalities and powers of darkness for they will realize that their time is short.

Gods army is materializing before his eyes.  Come Lord Jesus come.

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