The Walk of Life

I will wager that many of church goers who have been to a worship service over the past month are not walking the Christian walk by faith; instead they are living the life as a believer in a hypocritical manner.

The majority of ‘born again believers’ are play acting their way through life. Outwardly they appear as lambs of God but inwardly they are goats of the enemy. They are making and doing all the correct actions that signals to the world that they are born again, but God who sees the heart of us all, knows differently. We meet them all the time as the serve on the committees of their local church and sing in the choir, or at times stand in the pulpit and expound the word of God. They are active in the community and are well respected citizens. But they are play acting as they have convinced themselves that they are living by faith and would testify to this in a public forum.

Today is the day of reckoning, the day when the Holy Spirit will speak to our hearts and we must be careful that we do not harden our hearts in the rebellion as the children of Israel did during their time fleeing Egypt. Their hearts had gone astray.

As the Children of Israel were fleeing Egypt, God lead them towards the Red Sea rather than the recognized highway into the Promised Land. As the Egyptians pursued them the Israelites under Moses seen realized that they were trapped. In front of them was the Red Sea and behind them a furious Pharaoh, to either side, hill country. God had led them into a perfect spot to be ambushed. Imagine the glee and elation from Pharaohs’ army generals – ‘We have the fools!’

The Israelites fresh from seeing God work impossible miracles back in Egypt refused to walk by faith. Instead their rational, humanistic survival instincts took over and they all with one voice complained to God. Exodus 14

To walk by sight is the have a spirit of un-belief camped in our hearts that causes us not to trust Gods word. God has promised that he will care for us; he will look after us so that we will not be harmed. God cares for us and longs to rain down blessings on us, as he loves his children and does not wish them to be harmed. A un-belief heart says that this is not true, for I will work myself out of this situation by my own cunning and knowledge. I will trust in my own abilities or the abilities of others for help and guidance

To walk by faith is to be convinced and un-wavering in our trust that God will never let us down; no matter the circumstances that we find ourselves in, no matter how bleak the future looks. To walk by faith, the believer praises God in all situations for they are convinced and un-wavering in their trust that God is in control; for the bible says so.

As the clock is counting down to the return of the King will he find any faith on earth? Will we be counted as among the sheep or goats? God is warning us today, as long as it is today, to not harden our hearts as they did before the Red sea. We must examine our hearts in a contrite manner to see if their be any sin of un-belief growing in out heart and mind. As a recent blogger, K has blogged we must throw away the apple of un-belief and run the race by faith in the Son of God who gave himself for us that we might be seated in the heavenly places with a heart full of faith, a gift from God.

God is calling us to lift up our weak arms and strengthen our wobbly knees and cry out to him with a heart full of assurance and sprinkled with the blood of Jesus, that God is in control of your life and with his grace we will walk in faith into the light of His Glory.

God cannot, in these last days guarantee that those who walk by sight, will be able to enter fully into the blessings that God has prepared to those that love him.