The Year 5779 the best and the worst.

As I have blogged in previous posting this Jewish year of 5779 will be shown to be the most significant as it closers out the Gregorian calendar decade.  Both years have the numeral nine which speaks of a number of events and signs.  Most prominently nine speaks of Gods fulfilment, birthing, first fruits resulting in blessings and joy as we are delivered into a new level.  But nine also speaks battles, struggles, pain and deception from the snake.

On the joyous side I see this year as being one of great birthing’s of Gods plans; dreams long forgotten being fulfilled, prosperity being returned unexpectantly, deliverance happening suddenly.  As I prophesied earlier these events will accelerate at breathe taking speed that will catch many unawares.  This will be a year of rejoicing in the hand of God as he brings promises together much in the same way as we read of the Exodus.  New ventures that have been in gestation will be born and dreams that have been in limbo will be delivered.

These birthing’s will be seen on an individual level, churches will experience abundant blessings and nations will not be untouched as God brings together his plans.  As I have blogged previously justice will crash down, and much corruption will be exposed as the light will reveal what has been hidden from our eyes.  As strong east wind will blow across the nations bringing birth, deliverance and victory to those who walk after God and his Son.

This will be a wonderful year but there is another side to the nine numerical known in Hebrew as ‘tet.’  Just as there will be accelerated birthing’s, and deliverances there will also be fierce battles and struggles with the snake, the arch-enemy that will suddenly fall upon us causing us to fall to our knees as a result of the blow.

We read in Acts that we must go through many hardships to enter into the Kingdom.  Revelation chapter two also talks of endurance, perseverance through hardships and not falling prey to weariness.  Let us not become deceived that this year will be a ‘walk in the path’ as some will expect.  This year will be like no other year before with its battles, wrestling matches and struggles to endure and hang on, so as to experience the birth promised to us.  This calls for patient endurance on the part of the people of God who keep his commands and remain faithful to Jesus.  Revelation 14:12 N.I.V.

Secondly there will be a great deception that will be released during this year that will keep many of the elect from experiencing Gods birthing and deliverance that is promised for this year 5779.  Even the elect will be deceived as spoken by Jesus in Matthew 24.  This is often a mis quoted verse as the word elect has nothing to do with a certain teaching by a prominent reformer.  The word can also mean the ‘best of its kind’ or mature.  Even those believers who are regarded as mature in the faith can be and will be deceived.  Let no one say they are above deception for they will be the first to be deceived.

This deception with only be discerned by the voice of the Holy Spirit for in all outward appearances this teaching will line up with scripture and biblical principles.  Only the spirit behind the teaching will be evil; which can only be discerned by those who have the heart of the Father.

Therefore, let us walk into the year of 5779 with our eyes wide open, with a sober mind, our heart knitted to the Fathers heart and our eyes fixated on Christ and him alone.

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