This Christmas I.

I will keep this simple.  This Christmas I will endeavour to listen to more Christms carols.  Over the years I have become immuned to the fimiliarity of the tunes and words and have tuned out.  This year by scrolling through the 'you tub'e site I have re discovered some carols that have been different - same words in most casesd but different arrangements.  This has re ignited my desire to listen to more Christmas music over this time.  After all praise and worship is the pathway into the saviours heart.  First thanksgiving, leading into praise and then leading into worship and then prostrate before the Lord surroundered in glory.

Have a wonderzful Christmas and my the saviour of the world be born atresh in our hearts.

 John Knox
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K Reynolds+

Have a very blessed Christmas!

Les B+

I too am rediscovering the joy of Christmas carols. They do glorify our Awesome God and Savior. Happy Christmas to you! Les


Praise God. Merry Christmas.