Time is Short

As I have come into the Lords presence with thanksgiving and praise upon my lips ever so grateful for his love and mercy I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit repeat repeatedly – The time is short.  This phrase has been in my spirit day and night; the time is short.  I sense that there is a real compassion, tenderness and urgency coming from the throne of God.  The time is short; there is not a great amount of time left.  The shutters are about to be drawn across the windows of Gods patience, for he is not going to contend with us for ever.

Now is the day to prepare ourselves for the testing and temptation that is about to released in the grace and mercy of our Father.  We cannot leave this any longer.  The time is short says the Lord to clean out your house of the detestable things that I loathe.  Now is the time to repent and allow me says the Lord to bring your hidden sin to the surface.  Now is the time to re enthrone Jesus as Lord of your total life not only what you call the so-called spiritual says the Lord.

The time is short, and heaven cannot wait for compliance much longer.  This has been a burden upon my heart this past week; that it has been hard to contain the severity and urgency of the Lords words.

The Lord says that he has warned and exhorted his people through various means and through many prophetic words, but now the time is short, and the season of testing and temptation is almost upon us.  The Lord says, How can one stand amid the fire if one is not clean and consecrated before my throne?  Wake up my people says the Lord and do not be like Achan who hid some of the devoted things in his tent in violation to the Lords clear command as recorded in Joshua 7.

Go through your house and remove those detestable things that have been used as idols; those innocent trinkets and ‘knick-knacks’ that you have gathered in your ignorance to decorate your home.  Throw them out and ask for forgiveness that you have committed this detestable thing and ask for the cleansing of the blood upon your house.

Come before says the Lord with an open heart and allow me to create within you a clean heart, pure lips and hands that have not violated my love.  Allow me says the Lord to un earth those hidden dark places that you have kept closed to me for I long to clothe you in fine linen as white as snow and sparkling like many jewels.

Bow before me and confess your allegiance to Jesus and swear before me that Jesus is your master and Lord over your finances, home, career, family marriage, relationships and all your possessions that I have given you says the Lord.

Wake up, wake up my people and do not turn your hearts away from my word as my children did as described in Hebrews 3.  Time is short, time is short to prepare ourselves for the great visitation of the Lord of Hosts, for will he find any faith on earth?  Wake up wake up for the time is short

To those who over come I will give them a crown of life and they will be dressed in white with their name engraved in the book f life.  They shall go forward with my name upon them,

conquering with my authority in their lips and hands for no one will stand before them.  They are mine says the Lord.