Time to Rise up and Shake off the Yoke

There comes a time in our walk with God that a time for righteous indignation against the enemy needs to rise up.  For many of us we are like the Israelites facing Goliath and his army in that we allow the enemy to walk all over us.  Many of us line up for battle but we have become paralyzed by the taunts of the enemy.  We have allowed the voice of our Goliath to ring in our ears until we begin to believe the curses and taunts.  Fear has rooted our feet to the ground.  Despair overwhelms us.  Depressions causes us to lose all perspective and we crumble before Goliath.  We cannot think, we cannot believe that God is there to help us.  All we hear are the curses and lies of the enemy.

As we look across the valley our knees turn to jelly for we have no idea how we can shake off this lethargic spirit of blackness.  All strategy has flown from our mind as we only see the walls of the well that we have dug for ourselves.

We need to recapture the Davidic spirit as seen from 1 Samuel 17.  David was indignant that his fellow countrymen were cowards and were allowing the enemy to walk all over them.  David was not going to allow the curses and the taunts of Goliath to subdue him for he had the spirit of God, the warrior resting on him.

Look at the passage.  Did God cause a strong wind to blow into the enemy’s camp?  Did God send a pestilence into Goliaths camp?  Did the Philistines wipe each other out?  Yes, God did perform miracles in other battle situations.  But there are other battle times when he is waiting for us to rise up ourselves and weld the sword of the spirit.  Perhaps your 40 days of cowing before the enemy needs to cease and the Davidic spirit within each of us needs to rise up and run to the enemy.

David knew his position before the Lord; that of a victor as he remembered former battles with the wild animals.  In Christ Jesus we have been redeemed and set free far above the enemies’ taunts and curses.  In Christ we are righteousness and we legally belong to the family of God.  As the redeemed of the Lord we have been given authority to trample on the lion and serpent, crushing them.

How long will we tolerate the enemies lies and ‘put downs?  How long does it take for our spirit of Christ within us to rise up in righteous anger and confront the enemy?  Does not the Bible say that as we cling to God and humble ourselves the enemy will flee?

It is time to break free from the yoke that we have allowed the enemy to place on our shoulders.  As long as we listen to voice of our Goliath we are under his power and Christ is not Lord of our life.  We are slaves of Goliath.  How long will we tolerate this servitude of Satan?

Is there no spark of Christ left in your spirit?  We the church need to throw off the shackles of Satanic slavery and confront our Goliath and wipe the taunts from his mouth in the name of Jesus.

Together we can do this.  One righteous person can put a thousand to flight but two can put 10,00 to flight.  Reach out to each other, for where two or three gather in the names of Jesus there he is in the midst and the enemy will flee.  For greater is he within us than he that is without.


Ann-marie Faulkner @aggiefaulkner ·

WOW! A very timely blog! Thank u

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·
:clap: AMEN!