Time to Wake up & Catch up.

It is time to catch up says the Spirit of the Lord.  For too long you have allowed the enemy to keep you subdued.  It is time to break out from the enemy’s prison for he no longer has a grip on you.  I have loosen your bonds and open the door of the prison; now you need to catch up and flee.  It is time to catch up on my love.  It is time to catch up and immerse yourself again in my grace.  It is time to catch up on my wisdom and knowledge.

Now is the time to break out from the enemy’s camp and chase after my word says the Lord.  Now is the time and season for upgrading, for reclaiming all that you have let slip through your porous spirit.  This is the season of catch up.  Will you walk with me says the Lord step in step with each other?  The time of being short changed is passed, for now is the time to face the truth.  You have been luke warm while all along you have been believing that you were full on for me.

Now is the time to catch up on what the enemy has stolen from under your nose says the Lord.  Time to redeem your spirit with my spirit says the Lord.  I have been preparing a supper before your former tormenters says the Lord of Hosts; so now it is time to partake of your feast of my blessings.  Now is the time to catch up on conversations with me says the Holy Spirit.  Time to once again sit at my feet and learn of me.

Now is the time to catch up and re-cover your stolen property that the enemy has taken from you and your generations.  Now is the time chase after and regather that which has been plundered from you and your fathers.

Now is the time to catch up on praise and worship spending time in my presence; time to dwell in my atmosphere and relax in my arms as once experienced to again feel my heart beat.

I am hearing tis them increasingly from the Lord and in the reading of other prophetic words of the need to move on as the new day has dawned and a new season is beginning for many with in the church.  I believe this is a last wake up call for many to rise up and move spiritually closer to the heart of our












Father.  I also sense that the time is short and the need to move out into newer levels of Gods calling is never been more urgent.  The Lord is becoming increasing concerned that many who call him Lord are still grounded to the ways of the world and embedded in the twisting of Leviathan.

I cannot escape the verse in Ephesians 5:14     wake up sleeper arise from the dead and Christ will shine on you     NIV

I cannot stress this strongly enough; that this is a; shall I say ‘A last wake up call.’  It is time to wake up, shake off the enemy’s malaise and chase the sleep out of our worldly covered wax eyes and smell the glory of the Lord; as he prepares to come in splendour and re gather his loved ones and reclaim what is rightfully his.  May we not spurn the call of the Holy Spirit, as he once again in his mercy, seeks to arouse his bride into movement towards their high calling in the Lord, prepared before the beginning of the earth.

May the Lord have mercy on those who remain asleep.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Yes, it is not time to sleep! We must wake up, watch, pray and be about the Father's business.