Tis the Season of Running

I hear the Holy Spirit saying this is the season to gird up your lions and run, run and run some more.  This is the time of hitching up our clothes and sprinting, sprinting as in a 200-metre dash for this is the calling of the Lord.  Run to me say the Lord.  Run into battle.  Run to prayer.  Run to seek my glory.  Now is the time to wake up and be ready to leave your present tent for the cloud of glory is moving on.  Take nothing with you for you cannot run encumbered with the past.  Neither can you run with the worldly mammon that you have accumulated and so easily clings to you.

Will you run with me says the Lord forsaking all to come with me on the winds of my grace?  My winds are beginning to blow upon your tent for you can hear the flapping in the breeze and the guy ropes are straining.  Soon my wind will be strengthening upon your dwelling and I am expecting you to be ready to hitch your wagon to my wagon of glory.

Run to me says the Lord and be satisfied with my water of life for the water of the world that you have been drinking is like partaking of water from a broken cistern with contamination and impurities.  Why try to convince yourself that this water of the world will one day satisfy you; this is a lie and deep down you know this, but you cannot come to admit this to yourself.

Run onto battle, rise up in righteous anger, face your enemy and run towards your giant.  Purpose in your heart that you will be strong in my word and that you will stand steadfast in my almighty power.  Do not cry to me to remove your giant, neither run from your wrestling match by turning your back and running who knows where.  By running into battle, you are in effect running to me as David demonstrated when he ran towards Goliath.

Come run with me, together we can partner much more effectively for I long to have you running with me says the Holy Spirit.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

"Come run with Me."

Yes! God not only saves us/adopts us, He desires to do life with us as well.

Abdulaziz Salahudin @romadeking ·

Yeah! Let us run with the Holy Spirit of LordJesus. Let's run only as fast as He would blow us on up into a place prepared for us. This is the time when there is no more time.


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