Today is Deliverance Day

God in his loving manner is speaking to us in this time and season about deliverance.  Our Father seeks to remind us the he is our deliverer and no one else is his equal.  He is concerned that many of his children have allowed themselves to listen to the voice of doubt.  In doing so they have allowed a seed of unbelief to be planted in their spirits, much like the ‘children of Israel’ as they faced the Red Sea.  This seed has been watered and fertilized by the voice of the enemy, so that this seed is blooming into a flower of bitterness and disappointment.

As in the parable of the sower, this seed has overtaken the seed of the word of God that was first planted in our spirits, when we came to salvation.  The plant of doubt and unbelief has smothered Gods seed that was planted by Christ himself on the cross.  To those disciples who feel burdened with negative thoughts and strongholds of uncertainty, the Holy Spirit is speaking to your heart with love, mercy and forgiveness.  Today is the day of the voice of the Spirit, who is calling those who know they are struggling with being unable to communicate with the Father through unbelief.

It is time to repent, says the Lord and turn to me for deliverance for I am aware of your pride and the ability that you believe you can root out this plant of bitterness by yourself.  Deep down these believers know that they cannot loose the chains themselves, but pride and stubbornness, coupled with condemnation causes them to turn their face from the Father’s help.

Come to me says the Father all who are burdened and carry a heavy load, for I will ease the load off your shoulders and implant in you a spirit of joy and lightness in exchange for the heaviness that weighs you down.  Repent from your unwillingness to ask the Lord for help, for today is a day of amnesty says the Father.  Turn to me with uplifted faces ad tears of repentance and I will surely deliver you says the Farther.  My love will permeate your heart soul and spirit.

I know you have tried to be set free by the hand of human wisdom but I have always been your doctor who still longs with a deep aching heart to set you free, but you have not sought my help.  Today I am offering you a time to be set free and be delivered, you and your family from the voice of the enemy, and to dig up your negative root.

Today I degree and declare that all you are burdened with unbelief, who read this blog will through repentance, be set free in the name of Jesus.  They will once more dwell in the Fathers house soaring like eagles; running with perseverance the race that he been reset before them.  Amen

 John Knox
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