Today is the Day of Resurrection Power

Glory Halleluiah for this is the day of the resurrection, this is the day when I overcome the grave and death and have set free all those held captive by sin and death.  This day the divine nature of my Son Jesus, is freely available to all who will call on the name of the Lord.  This is the day when all those who confess their sins before me, can experience the shed blood of the Lamb flowing through their veins.

Today is a day of rejoicing because I have chosen you to walk before me with gladness and a mantle of praise upon your lips.  Today I have promised to be the lifter of your head.  Today is the day of victory and overcoming power, for I will lift your head above the enemy says the Lord.  Therefore, I say to you because of the victory gained through the cross do not look down.  Do not look down.  Do not look down.

Looking down is earthly and I have not called you to walk in a downcast manner, for this is not a day of despondency but of victory and rejoicing.  This is a day of choosing to lift your eyes to heaven for this is your home.  Heaven is your dwelling place, for I says the Lord have imparted my divine nature into your heart.  My resurrected power is within you, for you have my nature, my power, my authority.  I do not dwell in the earthly things for my dwelling pace is on high, therefore lift your eyes and I will lift your head and hold your head high.

Do not look down dwelling on the enemies’ mess and confusion; do not allow your spirit to be taken in with his smoke and mirrors.  Looking down is gazing into the enemies’ camp.

Because of this day we are walking together hand in hand for I have taken you by the hand and I will walk with you.  Because of this day I have set an agreement between us that I will never leave you, nor forsake you for nothing will ever separate you from my love.  This new agreement has been written in the blood of my Son and can never be revoked, annulled or struck out.  It is legally binding in the courts of haven, sealed by the Holy Spirit that I have given you says the Lord.

Because of this covenant, today you can walk through the valleys of this world with your head held high holding onto my hand.  But to walk together we must be in agreement.  For unless we agree, and your will and mind are aligned with my plan for you says the Lord we cannot walk forward.

My new covenant written in the blood of the Lamb calls for your obedience, devotion and willingness to follow, even to the ends of the earth.  My people today is the day of victory, authority and power that I have given you. 

Even though your way looks right, good and scriptural to you unless it is my way we cannot move forward.  Align yourself this day to my plan for you, which will prosper you for my plan is good and will bring thanksgiving into you heart and the hearts of our household says the Lord.

Today is the year of the open door that I have set before you, therefore make today the day that you walk through this open door by repositioning your will with mine says the Lord.  Do not be stubborn and strong willed as my children the Israelites proved in the wilderness.  Come let us walk together for I will wait for you to re align your will and bring your heart into my line says the Lord.

Steve Hurt @steveh ·

So says HE! Praise Lord on High!

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Yes and amen!

Les Braswell @doneuntotheleast ·

He is risen and why we have hope.