Today is the Time to Step Up

It is time to step up into a closer relationship with the Father.  The time is well past for you staying in the mindset that you have hemmed yourself in with.  It is time to step up and face the truth that God is calling you into.  The time is past for you to be enslaved by the web of the enemy that has frozen you to his whispers.  Step up to the plate of Gods calling.

It is time to step and pray for your president for the enemies of hell are arranged against him for the spirit of witchcraft is intensifying as a tornado increases in fury as the heat increases.  It is time to step up in obedience to the Spirits calling to humble yourself and listen to his direction.  It is time to step up and break those soul ties that the Lord has been calling you break. 

Now is the season of ‘step ups’ that will bring you into greater glory for with out a step up you cannot venture into the double open doors.  I have been calling you to step up says the Lord and now is the day to step up as Peter stepped out of the boat.  Look at Moses for without his step up around the burning bush experience he was unable to walk through the door of leading my people.  I hear the Lord saying it is time to step back from the path that you are walking on, longing and praying to go through the double open door.  For with out a step up you will not find my open door that I have placed before you.

Step up into my calling says the Lord and then you will find your open door before you.  It is time to humble yourself and cease from seeking the open door on the level that you are currently on.  Step up into your higher calling and then you will see my double open door that you will walk through with ease and peace. 

Cease striving to find your double door but rather step up into your place that I have called you.  Do you not know that the open door that I have created for you is on another plain and can only be reached by a step up?  Look at your father Abraham for without his step up the Mount  with his son Isaac he could not have walked through the double doors of being the father of all nations.

Do not be lead by the spirit of religion that entwines you into thinking that the you can find my open doors without a step up of sacrifice.  Throw down the shackles that you have allowed to be bound to your legs and step up.

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Time to trust HIM fully .

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

One of the things that came to mind as I was reading your blog was the importance of praying for our leaders. We might not agree with them. They may even be a poor leader, an ungodly person, etc but when you think about it, that is even MORE of a reason to pray! What would happen if instead of criticizing and complaining about them...we prayed for them. What if we asked God to direct their steps, give them wisdom, give them compassion, cause them to be sensitive to Him, rather than have a hardened heart? What if? Hmm...