Unbelief has entrapped many in this Season

This is the season of change and entering into new callings and new levels of intimacy with the Lord.  The open door is before each one of us, but we must find the door and walk through the sanctified portal into a higher plain.

Unfortunately, many of Gods people will not seize the opportunity to walk through the gates of praise and glory into the promised land.  May will have heard of the bad report that others who have spied out the land and will shrink back.

Others will become distracted by their personal circumstances as the armies of Israel found themselves fixated on Goliath the giant with his height, size and impregnable defences.  But David saw him as an un-circumcised Philistine, an enemy to be defeated.

Again, others will believe the lies that the enemy has planted into their minds that they are not worthy of promotion, that God does not care for them.

This is so sad and I believe grieves the heart of our Father who in this season has given us the opportunity, but we fail to enter the promised land through unbelief.

I cry out to the Lord to break the chains that will hold many down, that they may; _

1/ Wait on the Lord believing for the way to open and the door to be found.

2/ They will humble themselves before the Lord and repent of their hardness of heart.

3/ Make a definite decision to turn from the lies and half-truth and search the word of God

4/ Choose to seek the Lord in totality with one’s heart mind and soul.

May the God of all hope set us free to worship him in spirit and truth with the flame of grace and love ablaze in our heartsC-17°|F1° C-17°|F2°  through the blood of Jesus our redeemer.