Understating todays Signs and Times

President Trump has agreed to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un for talks by the end of May, an extraordinary development following months of heightened nuclear tension so screamed a Washington Post headline.  This has taken the worlds media and political corps by surprise and left the world holding its collective breath.

But should the church, the body of believers be taken aback with this turn of events?  Have the believers around the world been caught out by this significant announcement after all the ‘mud-slinging between the two?  Should we the disciples of the living Christ, be rejoicing for we saw this coming?

God through his servants the prophets have predicted many times and many years previously that D J Trump will inhabit the White House.  Chief among these voices was the late Kim Clement.  He was not the only one to prophesy that President Trump is the 21st C. Cyrus as outlined in Isaiah 45, for like Cyrus to the Jews, the 45th President of the United States is Gods anointed to today’s nations.

This being so, and I believe that I to am hearing the Holy Spirit speak clearly in these later days, along with an increase in visions and dreams as outlined in Joel and further emphasised in Acts two.  Gods is showing us through the signs in today’s world events as shown on TV news, that he indeed is raising up nations and just as easily tearing down nations as outlined in Jerimiah one.

This being so, President Trump is being used by God, as his anointed to subdue nations and disarm them, to break through the gates of bronze and walls of iron erected by the ‘progressive liberals.’

Through these actions of the 45th president the world will know that Jehovah is God as clearly outlined in Isiah 45; but how will the world know if the church is spilt on the election of Trump?  How will the world come to know the living God who gave his only Son to die to set us free if, we the church are not united in harmony with Gods plans for DJ Trump?

Jesus chided the religious folk of his day, in that they could read the signs in the sky concerning the clouds and wind and predict rain or sunshine, yet they could not read the ‘spiritual signs’ of the coming of the promised Messiah?  Jesus has asked that when he returns will he find faith on the earth?

I believe that I am hearing the heart and mind of the Father, that he is disappointed that so many who call him by name are not seeing the signs that he is painting among the nations.  I believe that we as the church are like many of the five foolish virgins and are not keeping an adequate watch.  In doing so we are failing to read the signs as outlined in the parable of the fig tree, spoken by Jesus in Matthew 24.

I believe we are grieving the heart of the Father and are quenching the work of the Holy Spirit in our life.  It is time ,I hear the Lord say, to align our thinking with His mind and come into agreement with His anointing of President Trump. 

I can hear you say, but Trump is not a believer and he has a reputation of doing un Christ-like acts.  Yes, this is true, but like Cyrus before him God has clearly said that his anointed sitting in the White House does not know or acknowledge me, as prophesied in Isaiah 45.  This being so I am reluctant to stretch out my hand and criticize a person anointed by God as spoken in 1 Chronicles 16:22.  David understood this spiritual principle when confronted with a golden opportunity to kill King Saul.  In doing so God called him his friend. 

I believe it is time to wise up church and open our ears and eyes to the ways and methods of God and put to death the flesh that hinders us from hearing Gods voice and understanding his will.

Steve Hurt @steveh ·

We will not always agree but that does not make us enemies. We will not always see the same signs and wonders the same but that doesn't mean one or the other is a unbeliever.
I think God can use anyone or any Nation for His purpose's. God is ultimately in charge - for that I'll always be in prayer.