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I heard the Holy Spirits speak to me, as I enquired as to the 'word' he wished me to write; I heard the word Communion/Fellowship.  I said to the Holy Spirit, 'Why is this?'  I heard the reply, 'Because of the trails, testing and battles that are coming to the Body of Christ.

As I pondered on this and reflected in my spirit the meaning and implications I realized that the journey into Gods blessings will not always be smooth, but there will be seasons as 'The Preacher' wrote.  Therefore, we need to be on 'watch' and alert with eyes wide open and our hearts discerning the times and seasons as the sons of Issachar.

From my experience I 'jotted' down the following strategies as to how we can stay in fellowship with our Father for I do not wish to find myself having lost my covering of his wings.  I am sure the following are  not an exhaustive list, but these points have served me well.

1/ Partaking of Holy Communion/Lords Supper.  When I was ministering within the Baptists it was customary to celebrate the Lords Supper on the first Sunday morning and 3rd Sunday evening services.  I have since come to realize that this tradition robbed believers of the 'food & drink' that bound us to the Lord in victory and power.  I now try to celebrate the Lords Supper at home on a regular basis.  There is no reason why such a 'feast' has to be confined to a 'religious setting.'  Be careful and do not let Satan rob you of this most intimate time with our Lord.  A religious spirit is not to be tolerated.  1 Corinthians 10:16

2/  Speaking in a 'spirit language.'  As I have grown in the faith I have realized that the enemy had robbed me of this most rewarding time of being 'one with the Father.'  Glossolalia is not only a sign, but it is a heavenly language , that like any language needs to be spoken as much as possible to gain the benefits of such.  As in the first point the enemy will discredit and disrupt our manner of coming closer to our Lord and Saviour.  Jude 1:20

3/ Reading of the scriptures.  This is not to be entered into as a 'I have to do this to be a good Christian.'  Which in all honesty, was my reason for my 'quiet time' in days gone-by.  No, the time spent in the Bible is to be entered into with much reverence and fear expecting to hear the Lord speak.  If not, we miss out on hearing and discerning the 'rhema' when it is directed to us, either in a church gathering, laying on of hands, a vision/dream or circumstances etc.  1 Timothy 4:13

4/ Thanksgiving , Praise and Worship.  I do not believe that the Body of Christ enters into the courts of praise readily enough.  Nor do I believe that we believers truly understand the intimacy that worship creates and the power that causes the demons to tremble when we as a united body are in full worship.  1 Peter 5:6

As I was writing the above and waiting on the Lords direction and guidance this thought was again planted in my mind.  If we are not in a tight fellowship/communion with the Lord we cannot move among our neighbours with signs and wonders following. 

Are we not called to be Kings and Priests to our neighbours?  I am only slowly coming to grips with the concept that we have authority given to us by the Lord to bring his dominion on earth.  Matthew 10:1 

For example; when one of 'help-desk' team tell me that they are not well and can they go home early, I say, OK get well.'  But under my breathe I am rebuking the spirit of sickness and casting out the demon.

I exhort you my brethren to walk in the spirit and not the flesh forgoing the pleasures and things of this world.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

This is excellent. Thank you!

Les Braswell @doneuntotheleast ·

Thank you for your fellowship wmj ... your a faithful brother. Everything well said.

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