Walking into our Blessings


My heart rejoices in the grace and generosity of our Heavenly Father.  There is no holding back from our Father who has called us, his children and co-heirs with his Son Jesus.  The Father of Lights is holding out his hand and offering us gifts that have been purchased by the blood of Jesus, who when ascending gave these precious gifts to those who believe.

Have you received your blessing from the floodgates?  Have you partaken of the favours from Gods store house?  These gifts are there for the taking.  That last sentence is a word for those who are waiting for their floodgate gift to arrive.  There has been a false understanding among some believers, that God gives his gifts to those who wait patiently for the miracle to happen.  This passive hoping and longing, to me does not ‘cut the mustard.’  As I understand the mind and ways of the Father, when there are blessing and favours to be distributed among the faithful, waiting for the miracle of receiving is not walking by faith, as I see it.

When blessings, favours, re-alignments, re-adjustments, promotions are being distributed  we have to escape from our passive mindset and actively seek, knock and ask for the outpouring to become ours.  We are exhorted to work out our salvation.  This must not be, and should not be only confined to being born again.  I call it walking into our blessings.

To receive the blessings and gifts in the floodgates, we have to go after these favours going through the narrow door with prayer, and if need be, fasting.  If my people will humble themselves and pray , then I will heal their land, and by inference, then I will make my blessings theirs.  We receive Gods gifts, salvation, deliverance, healing, prosperity by faith; but faith that is seen through works, as the epistle to James makes so clear.  Faith without activity is dead.  Can I say that?

This pro-active faith is seen in action when David would go after his enemies, when Joshua and the ‘children of Israel’ needed to buckle up for war, and go into battle.  Sure, the battle belonged to the Lord, but the pursuing needs to be taken by the believers.  This passive faith is a faith that has been locked into a false bubble by the liar of all lies.  Many of us in this age of individuality and ‘me’ have forgotten that our relationship with our Father is a covenant relationship.  If you do not like the term covenant think of our walk with God as a partnership.

In a convent there are responsibilities on both sides, for the relationship to be beneficial, otherwise the agreement falls over and becomes null and void.  God promises to protect and deliver us if we will walk in his ways with obedience, love and faithfulness.  Walking in his ways suggests growth, movement, a pressing onto his ways seeking deliverance, healing blessings etc.

Now is the time to arouse ourselves and walk into the floodgates seeking the blessings that God has earmarked with our name.  We must walk into our blessings and stay walking in our blessings until Gods gifts become our gifts embedded into his holy temple.  

We must all walk into our head; Jesus, until we come to the fulness of Christ who is the head of all.  Now is the time to arise so that the light of Gods glory may rest on us.

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