Walking it Out

I hear the Holy Spirit whispering to me that he encourages us to walk through your valley of shadows.  Do not camp in your valley of misery for this is a walk that you need to complete with my staff and rod in your hand.  Today is the day of one more step; today is the day to let your net down on the other side.  Today is the day to refocus and press on walking step by step, for the Lord will guard your pathway.  His light will be you comfort, joy and strength.

Today the waters are being stirred by the angel of hope and who so ever wishes to go into the pool will embrace the presence of the Lord of Hosts.  One more step looking unto Jesus the one who has gone before and opened up a new and living way for us to walk in.

I hear the Holy Spirit saying do not become room mates with your misery; cast him out for misery is a gate crasher.  Do not make a room in your life for misery and pain, making plans to accommodate them, for they will destroy your house.  Cast them out and bolt your door.

Today is the day of new beginnings of enlargement and of loosening the tent pegs, to enlarge your boundaries for your reward is near and you need to make room for the overflowing bounty of the Lord.  Soon you will be seated in the midst of your pain and misery, feasting on the bountiful banquet of the Lord of Hosts.  Pain and misery will not by your house guests; but hope, faith and love will dine with you.

 John Knox
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Hope, faith and love will dine with you.


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