walking through the narrow places

As I was praying concerning the blog to write to the saints and exiles in Christ who dwell in CB, the Holy Spirit said to me, 'The Narrow Places.' This word came to me each time I enquired of the Lord, for I was unsure if I had heard aright. As I began to wait on the Lord, I heard the Holy Spirit placing this thought into my mind and spirit each time.

There are times when we are called to walk in narrow confined places hemmed in on both sides. As we journey through our Christian walk we are called to move up into a higher place or to move from one glory to another. We are growing into the fullness of Christ continually and this growth can often take us through the valley of the shadow of death. We must at times press into the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. This pressing in often takes us through a narrow place.

I know for I have walked this narrow path a number of times that the Lord has laid out before me. So often we expect the road to be a wonderful smooth highway every time we move from one season to another. As I have blogged before I sense in the Lord that many of us are in a transitional period moving from one season into another. Hence this is a timely word from the Holy Spirit.

Press on and do not hold back for the enemy does not wish for you to proceed. For by pressing in we will be able to ay hold of the prize of our high calling in Christ Jesus

As I was waiting on the Lord for him to reveal more content I was directed to the Crossing of the Red Sea narrative. The Children of Israel on stood the near bank of the sea with the enemy closing in and it was obvious that they had to cross over to the other side.

What was the word from the Lord? 'Stand firm and you will see the Lords deliverance. I can imagine the fear and doubts of the people as they saw a massive wall of water on either side of the narrow way. God's word was 'Stand and do not fear;' followed by 'Walk and do not fear.' As we walk the narrow walk.

God will often provide a narrow walk way but we must walk the walk even though we are hemmed in on both sides with a potential drowning possible. The Holy Spirit says, 'Face the fear in Christ and walk the narrow way.' 'Come up higher with your eyes on Christ.'

God's staff and rod are there, but he will not fill up our cup until we reach the other side and have proven ourselves worthy of our calling in Christ Jesus.

I believe we must do two things this season: cross over into the breakthrough onto higher ground and expect our travail and perseverance to press us past the narrow place. We need to block our ears to the enemies' taunts that we will not pass through the narrow way that has been opened before us.

Lift up your voice and declare with me:-

  • In Christ I will cross over through the narrow way.
  • In Christ no harm will come to me
  • In Christ, I have been made alive, raised together, and seated together in the heavenly places!
  • In Christ, I am moving onto a higher plane and every power, principality, dominion, and throne is under my feet!

What you decide on will be done, and lightwill shine on your ways. Job 22:28

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Barbra Lambert @enje25 ·

"As I have blogged before I sense in the Lord that many of us are in a transitional period moving from one season into another. Hence this is a timely word from the Holy Spirit."

You have senses right, wmj. How true your above statement is, and thank God for the "timely word for the Holy Spirit." I needed this word more than you could know... Praise the Lord for His "timeliness!"