Warfare a call to hear the Shofar

The other morning at approx. 3am I was awakened and as I lay in bed the Holy Spirit spoke to me and shared a vision with me.  (First time for a clear vision)  I clearly heard a number of times the word of the Lord state that this is a time of war.  The Holy Spirit is calling forth saints who have been prepared for a time of war.  There is a time of peace and a time of war and this is the season of warfare.

The rams horn is being played, calling those who have been prepare by not loving their life by not shrinking from death and have walked the path of refinement.  I the Lord am opening the portals of heaven in preparation of this battle that I am calling my prepared ones to, for I have called you by name since the foundation the world for such a time as this.  Hearken to the call of the shofar for I know whom I have equipped in the flame of my love and grace.

I am calling forth my intercessors across the globe who have climbed onto the alter at my call and the fire of the alter has burned through into your heart, and this fire has now defined you.  For the fire still burns within your heart for I have given you a new name and assignment.  I saw in my spirit a canopy of shields on the edge of the second heaven like a phalanx of roman shields, for these are the prayers of my intercessor warriors who will hold back the arrows of the enemy.

Along with this army of prayer warriors I am calling forth a special elite group of fighting warriors with the spirit of Joshua and David.  These are my special group whom I have watched over and poured my righteous anger into their spirits so that they a powerful ability to seek out the enemy.  I have honed their discerning abilities so that they are razor sharp at seeing error and falsehood among the nations.  So much so that they will rise up in my name and caste down strong holds and vain imaginations among the nations.

I have also equipped them with holy anointed swords, one in the right hand and the other in the left hand.  In their right hand they will wield a sword dipped in the blood of Jesus and in their left hand they will wield a sword of holy fire.  I am sending these Davidic warriors out on my chariots of wind to the four corners of the earth to tear down and build up.

I saw in my spirit this great army moving across the land at the command of the Lord of Hosts who is riding on a great white horse ready to be conquers and bent on conquest.  All of these called ones will move in unison in step, step by step with the one who rides on the great white horse.

They shall go forth and tear down mountains, make straight paths and a provide a way through the desert, and they shall be sustained by every word that comes out of the mouth of their commander.


PS – the next morning, that Saturday I was under immense fatigue all day that I could hardly rouse myself to do any work.  The pressure was more intense as I was booked to go to the “Last night of the Proms” in which my daughter was playing.  I really had to fight against witchcraft and the spirit of Leviathan.  Just prior to the concert the heaviness lifted.

Thank you, Lord, for your great grace and powerful love that surrounds us all.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Praise God!