Warfare is at Hand Be Prepared Today

All week as I have been praying the word from the Holy Spirit has been – ‘Bend It.’ This has been repeated into my spirit constantly every time I have entered into the throne room of our Father.  I have never had such a persistent word from the Lord. 

I immediately thought of the need for our spirits to be flexible and willing to bend to the will and wind of the Holy Spirit.  But as I pressed into this understanding I began to feel unease that this was not the message I needed to hear. 

As I continued to meditate and ponder on this word which did not let up – ‘Bend it; Bend it; Bend it.’  I reasoned that maybe this was speaking of the yoke and burden of Christ that is easy and light.  Again this did not seem to sit easy with my spirit as there was no settled peace.

By now the word from the Holy Spirit as I pressed further into the Fathers heart had changed to – ‘Bend it Lord; Bend it Lord.’

At this point many days later the revelation struck me that perhaps I ought to look in the Bible to see if there is a passage with this them of ‘Bend it.’  I felt somewhat stupid at this point to realise that my biblical training and scholarship had taken a back seat.  As I turned to my concordance a number of verses with this theme of ‘Bend it’ spoke to me.  I have chosen one verse which typifies this message of ‘Bend it.’

If he does not relent, he will sharpen his sword; he will bend and string his bow.   Psalm 7:12

‘He’ in this case being the Lord.  When the Holy Spirit has been saying to me ‘Bend it Lord’ I believe we are entering into a heightened season of Spiritual warfare.  Up till now the Lord has been re aligning, repositioning and re positioning the nations, churches and individuals to take advantage of the new wind of God that is ready to blow across the land.  This movement of the spirit which I believe will result in a reformation rather than a revival.

This new mega movement of Gods righteousness and justice will be totally opposed by the forces of darkness with such fury and intense pressure that madness will encircle the nations.  Think North Korea, ISIS, Myanmar and many other dictatorships.  I might also include the hurricanes and tornadoes that have smashed in the USA along with the fire of the western boarder.  Wind, rain and fire all symbols of Gods spirit of restoration.   I myself have been under intense spiritual pressure, physically, medically and emotionally these last few days.  So much so that this blog has been a struggle to write.

I am reminded of the verse from Revelation 12:7 –

Then war broke out in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back.

Such heavenly battles will spill over onto the earth and we the faithful will be caught up in the struggle.  Hence the warning from the Lord – Prepare for spiritual war.  Stiffen your discipline, know your weapons, understand the enemies’ strategy, barricade your home and look to our commander, the Lord Jesus for instructions.  We are being fore warned by the Father.

Bend it Lord – bend your bow Lord of Hosts and shoot your arrows into the enemies’ heart.

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 John Knox
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