Warrior Wisdom from 1 Samuel 17

1 Samuel 17 has been on my mind and in my spirit all week as I waited on the Holy Spirits voice to reveal his word.  It has been a struggle as the enemy of doubt and lies tried to stop me from hearing the voice of the God.  But in humbleness the following is the word of the Lord that I believe I have heard from this chapter.

The chapter opens with the statement that the armies are arrayed on the hills facing each other, with the clear intention of the Philistines army to make war.  From the geographical terrain of that time it appears to be clear that defeat for Saul’s army would ensure the Israelites would lose their promise land.  This was a serious threat.  To lose Gods promise, would undo all of Gods plans formulated from eternity for the worlds salvation.

When we are faced with a spiritual threat, this is an act of war from the enemies’ perspective which, if we do not take seriously, will be our defeat.  When the roaring lion of Satan confronts us, we cannot sweep such a threat under the carpet and hope that it will go away.  We must fight back using our spiritual weapons given to us by the Lord of Hosts, for we wrestle not against flesh and blood.  Any threat from the demonic world needs to be taken as it is intended – an act of war to annihilate the Holy Spirit in us and rendered us ineffective warriors of truth, grace and love.

Verse four records that the Philistine army had a giant man-of-war of massive stature and weapons of massive destruction, which resulted in fear and imagined defeat by Gods army.  He stood out in front of Gods army under Saul and mocked the God of Israel.

When we face the hordes of demonic forces we need to identify the ‘strong man’ for this is the enemy which we must confront and defeat.  As in this case the strong man Goliath had an armour bearer which often in our spiritual battles is hiding the strong man.  In this account the armour bearer was in full view, but David had enough spiritual wisdom to not engage in battle with the ‘lesser enemy.’  Our battle is not over until we identify the strong man and defeat him.  Ewe must resist the desire to overlook the lesser demons, so as to seek out through the spiritual gift of wisdom, the strong man’s identity and go after him in God’s name and strength.

In verse 28 David’s elder brother Eliab turned on David with burning anger.  This I believe was an attempt by Satan to cause doubts in David’s mind and turn him away from hearing Gods voice and hence to stop David being used to bring victory. 

At times when we are facing our spiritual battles those closest to us can be used by the enemy to distract our battle strategies and cause us to loose courage, filling our heads with doubt worldly wisdom and advise.  We need to be vigilant and of a sober mind to see this as a diversion from Satan and push on.  Remember our battle is on the spiritual level not flesh and blood.

In verse 38ff Saul dressed David in his own personal armour but David wisely chose not to do battle wearing someone else’s armour.  David strides out, full of confidence in the Lords ability knowing that the Lord has saved him in the past from the lion and bear using his sling.

When we do battle we cannot go under someone else’s anointing, but we must go in our calling and mantle given to us from the Lord of Hosts.  Otherwise like David we will feel awkward and clumsily, fighting from a position of weakness.  Like David the Lord had honed his fighting abilities using the sling, so to must we use the gifts and skills that we have honed in our previous wilderness battles.

We note in verse 51 that although the giant appeared dead David finished Goliath off by decapitating him.  The battle was not over until all could see that the giant from Gath was dead.

Our battle is not over until we receive conformation from the Holy Spirit that the enemy has fled, and the battle is indeed the Lords.  It is essential to keep battling until we receive such conformation.   Do not make the mistake of pulling up short due to weariness or a sense of pride that we have ‘done it.’

I pray that this word will be a blessing to many and that the Holy spirit can use these words to bring strength and victory to a battling saint.