Will we Find our 0pen Door

In my last posting I spoke of the Jewish New Year 5778, which we have recently passed as a time to hear a fresh word of the Lord to us.  I spoke of the year 5778 being a time of walking through an open door that has been set before us.  The open door comes by virtue that the numeral 8 in Hebrew represents an open door.

Why am I mentioning the relevance of the numerals 5778 as being of any importance to us as Disciples of Christ?  Simply this.  As I have matured in the ways and walk of the Holy Spirit and in walking so, I have come closer to the heart of our Father.  In feeling his heart beat I have heard his desire that we, the believers in Christ and the Jews, his chosen people walk together.

As the end times come closer and the signs are there for all to see, Israel and the City of Zion will be the focal point of Gods plans.  Therefore we should learn from each other and discern the voice of the Holy Spirit coming to us through the dealings of Yahweh including the feasts, holy days etc.  For too long we have shunned the relevance of the Old Testament.

But back to truth that we have an open door set before us which the Holy Spirit is calling us forward to press through.  But this walk will be no ‘cake-walk’ as if by a miraculous whirlwind we will find ourselves walking through the door.  No No No.  We have to find the door.  Why?  Perseverance leads to godliness.  2 Peter 1:6

There will be a cost and a struggle to find the door placed before us.  There is a reason why the two sevens in the year 5778 signify the sword, suggesting battles ahead.  It is also important to point out that in a few days we will be into Yon Kipper – Sept 29-30th.  The day of atonement; this speaks of Gods forgiveness and our sacrifice.

Therefore we take our two swords, the weapons of righteousness in our left and right hand and choose that we will find that door and like Jesus we will set our face like flint; seeking, knocking and asking.  Matthew 7:7.  And with perseverance we will run the race set before us looking to Jesus   Hebrews 12:1.

My heart says of you, “Seek his face!”

Your face, Lord, I will seek.   Ps 27:8


May I encourage you to read Daniel 9:3.

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Kristen L. Gray @mwifey ·

Awesome! Now more than ever will believers be called to "make our calling and election sure." God bless your ministry.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I agree with Kirsten.


K :princess:

Deepa N @deepaanne ·