With all Your Heart

Proverbs 3 verse 5 exhorts us to ‘trust in the Lord with all your heart.’  N.I.V. All the major translations use the same term ‘with all your heart.’

Two points that I noticed from this text.  Firstly, the small phrase that defines this verse; ‘with all your.’  The Hebrew word is bə·ōl which translates as ‘everything.’  In all other instances in the scriptures where we are encouraged to follow, learn, seek after God with all our heart this small word is placed in front of heart.  The meaning is starkly honestly clear.  We must put all our effort into trusting God.  More than 100%

I know that I have not been able to live up to this exhortation for I have been luke warm many times.  But it appears to me that we to not have an option but many of a believer for various reasons has chosen to be half hearted about seeking, trusting and following Jesus.

Take this verse quoted above Proverbs.  Our trusting must be total.  Our heart must be completely tuned into Gods channel with no interference.

Secondly the word heart in Hebrew means ‘the centre of our being.’  I believe I am safe to claim that our soul/heart has three aspects.  All our intellect will, and emotions must be totally committed to trusting.  Am I being too harsh in interpretation here? 

As I see it all three aspects of our soul/heart must be hot/on fire/totally committed in a trust relationship.

Our emotions must be under control.  The Bible calls this a sober or having a sound mind.  We cannot let wild imaginations and negative emotions control our feelings.

Our will, which, as I see it, is our choice centre.  We must totally choose to trust in Gods word and no other.  We need to continually choose each moment of the day to take Gods word at face value and not lean into the worlds understanding; which in effect has become our understanding by osmosis.

Our intellect must be able to accept Gods word as the rock on which we ground our trust in Christ.  If this means we must accept Gods promises by faith, so be it.  But our intellect must be clean and our consciences clear, fully accepting Gods word to us as the truth.

But at times I have heard a whisper deep down in the hidden clefts of my heart; I cannot do this; it is too hard; with all my heart, you cannot be serious.  But this phrase continues to confront me, to haunt me, following me.  I struggle to understand how this can happen.

I want to believe I can trust with all my heart – Lord help my unbelief.

At this point I find strength to rise up and declare; that I am strong, I am a victor, I am a conqueror through the blood of Christ.  I will be led victorious with my enemies trailing behind me in the name of Jesus whose blood flows through my veins.

Les Braswell @doneuntotheleast ·

All my heart not the part I am willing to give ... obey this way. Yes

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·