Words that God would never Say to You

These ‘pithy sayings’ were written by Paul Young and recently quoted by Abi Stumvoll Bethel TV, and recently shown on the Elijah Ministries web site.


1/ The depth of my affections for you  is dependent on you.

2/ I expect you to do better.

3/ If you do not say the magic words my hands are tied – sorry about that.

4/ I do not like being with you when things get messy.

5/I allow evil because it will make you a better person.

6/ You are not allowed to participate until you are perfect.

7/ I would rather you attempt to be holy than to be honest.

8/ You are deafer than my ability to communicate.

9/ I only love you today because I know your potential.

10/ Shaming is sometimes a good thing.

11/ I find your questions offensive.

12/ I put up with you only because Jesus loves you.


I believe these are worthy sayings, worthy of sharing.