a walk through the meadow and a copse

Early on this summer, my son and I were outside enjoying the warm weather. While we were walking about, I could hear a tractor, but I couldn't see it. So could my son. And, if you know anything about my son, you know he is just wild about tractors... So, I decided we would go on a walk to find it. And walk we did. It was a bit of a goose chase, but we ended up in a field I didn't realize belonged to my husband's cousin, and he and his grandfather were there spreading manure and plowing. Getting the field ready for planting. My son enjoyed watching them very much, but he would always run to me to be held when the tractor would come near. They are quite a bit larger and louder in real life than they are as toys in our living room! Anyways, it was not this pleasant activity that impressed me, but rather the walk home that taught me. It was getting on in the day, and I knew we had to be heading home. It took quite a bit of coaxing on my part and quite a bit of resistance and temper tantrums on my son's to get out of viewing range. One thing I found very effective was just simply turning and walking in the direction of home. He did not want to be left behind! After that, we went across a small opening. This was tough. I had to simutaneously distract Paulie from the bits of skeleton laying about and also from the sound of his beloved tractors calling him. Once again, he did not want to be left behind. Nothing compelled him to keep coming than to see that I was still going. Then we came to a small standing of trees. My son, used to gamboling about meadows and usually so sure-footed became halting in his advancement, and actually stumbled a few times. I was close next to him through this, guiding him to and through the clearest ways. And although he still stumbled and branches still swiped at him, from my elevated height I could see that this was the safest and quickest way through. And he trusted me. He definitely complained. Even still, he wanted to turn back at times. I had to call him to me more than once. But on we went. Once out of the thicket, you would have thought it would have been easier. Surely going on just over grass would be simpler! But it wasn't, not really. He couldn't see our house. He had no idea of what he was working towards. All he knew was that he couldn't go back, and that he was tired and frustrated. So I urged him on. Encouraging him, and pointing out things that would interest him and propel him a bit closer to the goal. Finally, we arrived on our property. Paulie immediately recognized his familiar stomping grounds, and at the suggestion of lunch, he raced towards the house, pausing only to wish farewell to our dog Henry. It was in the midst of this, and in the midst of enjoying a feast of his beloved tuna sandwiches that it occurred to me that this simple activity was an illustration for me. A bit of my own Pilgrim's Progress. Paulie played the part of me in my life. And I played the part of the Holy Spirit. Where are you in your walk?

Elizabeth Fox @whobelieve ·

I posted this last night, but maybe because it was an old incomplete it is not showing as recent or on the homepage? Anyways, posting this comment might do the trick...

Billy Beard @billyb ·

good life story with spiritual meaning. I am like I was when a boy I guess, I would rather Dad pick me up and carry me. But as you did, He makes me learn to walk and do for myself, unless I get myself in trouble or get hurt or in danger, then He is there in a hurry!

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

fun to read wb and welcome back.. you were missed.. be blessed


Whobelieve- good blog and portrayal of our child-like behaviour in our walk with Him.
Thanks for sharing. Reminds me of the fact that He knows the way even if we don't as we are homeward bound.


Elizabeth Fox @whobelieve ·

Thank you for your lovely comments! As for me, I'm in the opening with the skeletons. :-/ But I will keep trusting...

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