And All Because of a Broken Foot

My mom works in a hospital for the criminally insane. For over 30 years, she worked as a nurse. In the past couple of years she received the training and a promotion and became a nurse administrator. My mom has a real passion for the Lord. And a deep, deep passion for teaching children about the Lord. For the past several years whenever Vacation Bible School would come around she would automatically be the one that would do the Verse Memorization portion of each day. It wasn't even a question in anyone's mind, especially hers. Goodness, the things she comes up with to help children remember the verses! The excitement and joy she brings to learning about God's Word! She is a natural, and she loves to do it. That love of the Word and learning the Word is infectious. The hospital she works at has instituted a new rule that there has to be at least 3 NAs (Nurse Administrators) on every shift of every day unless there is an emergency. This is overall a good rule. NAs are expected to do a lot of paperwork, a lot of scheduling, a lot of evaluations, a lot of training. They have to dash to different wards if one of the patients are becoming dangerous, and they step in as nurses if there aren't enough nurses available. That is a lot of work and it is a good idea to, as a standard, have more help. I did mention the scheduling, didn't I? The only scheduling the NAs don't do, obviously, is their own vacation time. This needs to be submitted to their superiors. In the case of requesting summer vacation time off, the requests need to be submitted in late spring. It is almost impossible to get vacation time off, even a pass day, during the summer months because of all the scheduled vacation time that is squeezed in there. You really need to get your request submitted in a timely manner to have a prayer of getting what you ask. On May 30th, my dad was being super-romantic. My parent's 37th wedding anniversary is the 31st of May, and he was going to whisk my mom away to a Bed and Breakfast and a few days worth of sight-seeing and romantic dinners to celebrate. Mom was so excited. I was there when they left. I held the door open for mom as she stepped outside to get into the car to leave. She stepped down funny, kind of folding her foot under her as she did so. Being the tough gal that she is, she quickly righted herself and hobbled the rest of the way to the car. Immediately and exasperatedly she asked no one in particular, "Why did I do that?" Convinced that she only slightly sprained her ankle, she insisted that they continue on as planned. They had a great, if somewhat slower time. When they came home, mom was still hobbling. She ignored my idea of putting ice on it. She wouldn't even take some ibuprofen. She would wave off Dad's exhortations to let him take her to see a doctor. Nurses make terrible patients, you know? She kept asking, "Why on earth did I do such a stupid thing?" Finally she got her foot looked at. The x-ray revealed a green-stick break in one of the outside metatarsal bones (toe bones, when you're talking about your feet). She had been going around for almost a week on a broken foot. The doctor put her in an air boot, declared that she couldn't go back to work for a week, and then only on light duty. Meaning, she could only go into the office, no going up onto the wards where the patients are at all. My mom was upset about missing work at all, and only slightly mollified that she could return on light duty. Clucking her tongue she asked, "Why did I step like that? Look at all this trouble it is causing!" This brings us partway into June. Vacation Bible School has been scheduled for mid-July. My mom did not know the dates of this years VBS (Vacation Bible School) until the middle of May. She had not even one scheduled day off in the 4 days set aside for VBS. There were two other NAs taking vacations during this time. She could have requested it, but she did not want to. With her seniority, she would almost definitely have gotten it, at the cost of someone else's timely submitted vacation. Things were looking grim for Verse Memorization at VBS. Fearing the worst, my mom timidly brought up the topic with her boss. I mean, it was bad enough that my mom couldn't even get onto the wards, now she would be asking for time off when the staff was already stretched to the limit! Her boss simply shrugged and said, "You are not technically on the roster for duty because you cannot work at full capacity. Sure you can have the time off." And all because of a broken foot.

Tina Edwin @tinaesanil ·

I love your mom ... Her passion for teaching children about the Lord is adorable!
Praying that she will be alright soon...perfectly alright..

Love Tina :flower:

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