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A few things happened around the same time for me, but they didn't click in my mind until just now. We have had a blog here or there recently that has been talking (or complaining) about different things. Simutaneously, my husband (and myself a little bit) have been running into problems with our church. Problems with a major lack of communication and procrastination. It is incredibly frustrating to not know what is going on. Sure, we don't need to know every single detail about every thing that is done. However, being in different leadership positions, it would be nice to know the pertinent information dealing with our respective duties. It is furthermore incredibly frustrating to have an idea, or know that something is coming up that needs to be prepared for, and seeing time and again that nothing is moving forward until the last minute when something is slapped together for lack of time. There are many examples of this, but I don't want to get into them here. Let me suffice it to say that definitely, our Pastor and a few others are the head of our little church, and just as definitely, this is an area of extreme weakness on their parts. There needs to be more communication. There needs to be an eye towards advanced preparation. And let me tell you, emotions regarding this have been rising and tensing very much so in my household. Many strong words have been uttered, trying to give vent to this frustration. It has gotten to the point that the mere mention of a few different programs starts my husband muttering angrily. And last Sunday, he didn't attend church. He also made it quite plain that maybe we should start thinking about not attending that church at all. I am partially in agreement about this. But here is the rub. If we go, who will work on these issues to improve an otherwise wonderful church? I would even go so far as to say that he and I have been placed in that church for just such a job. Even more than that, this is not one sided. I know on my part, I have not always been as quick to speak to someone who needed information as I needed to be, nor have I always actively striven to plan things farther in advance than they always have been planned. So what do these two sticking points mean to me? I need to be the change. If I want to see more communication, I must open my mouth, raise my hand, write the letters, pick up the phone, type that e-mail, and then follow up on it! If I want to see procrastination take a hike, I need to be bringing up things sooner and sooner myself, and if no one will help me, I must do it myself. This is one example. Think about your life, your church, your home. What changes do you want to see? Perhaps you feel the need for a more peaceful home. Or you are fed up with a lukewarm attitude at your church. Maybe you think the world is too tolerant of sin. Do you not like the way Sunday School is handled? Is your life in need of an injection of joy? Of energy? Do not wait for someone else to come in there and make these things happen! When you are sure that this is a Godly action, go ahead! Be that change. Be the serenity, be the passion, be the beacon of integrity. How else is anything going to change? Let's go to an extreme example here. Jesus. He was one who walked the walk. He did not teach one thing that he didn't do himself. Frequently he was riled over hypocrites. His heart was saddened by people who didn't act on the life-changing chances he laid before them. (I'm thinking of the wealthy man who didn't want to part with his riches here.) Our Lord is a man of action! The saviour that we are to spend our lives learning to imitate was one who lived and ultimately died doing what he wanted to see in the world. So don't complain, don't hide, don't run away. Don't sit there griping and fuming, resting on your indignation or frustration. Go be that change.

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There seem to be four members of every organization: Who, Nobody, Idon'tknow and They. We never seem to be able to find these people, but we know that they are there.

This needs to be done: Who's going to do it!

Who's going to organize it? Nobody!

Where's the accountability? Idon'tknow has it!

Why didn't things get done properly? They just didn't do things right.

We need to give these never seen but always present folks the boot. Replace them with: I, you, and we.

Great blog on steppig up and taking not only responsibility, but accountability.


Alive in The Word :reading:

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

about your blog wb, amen.... nuff said

Steven Fox @cemeteryman ·

yeah, what you said!!!

Elizabeth Fox @whobelieve ·

Thank you guys.

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